"The Black and the White" – Talking Texas, Exploring Expanded, and Synthesizing Sydney Standard


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Wobbuffett BREAK is this year’s Salamence EX, the expensive promo that is suddenly relevant but rotates soon and will be worth nothing in six months. And as a 3-of rather than 1-of, that stings.


On the topic of good but expensive cards.

The box with the Xurkitree Promo was AU$100 here. Bought one very begrudgingly.

Fortunately pre-releases of the new set means there’s Full Arts/Rainbow Rares floating around.

I’d say it’s a fair guess that Wobbuffet BREAK won’t be very existent here either based purely on availability of the card. Hilarious to see a BREAK card that isn’t Greninja in 2018.

Hopefully see you in Sydney :slight_smile: