"Temptation's Trial" – Pablo's Dilemma Between Decks That Are and Those That Ought to Be


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How does zoroark matchup play out against night march? It seems tough for NM to hit 210 right away as they need 9-10 night marchers plus a choice band or FFB. If alolan muk shuts off marshadow gx as well then it should even harder. What other options would we expect from them NM to do as zoroark can just acerola up any non one hit KO. Thanks in advance.


With Choice Band it’s not that difficult for them to hit 180, but constant N’s plus having Alolan Muk set up is the best way to deal with the deck. NM might try to Guzma other weaker GX’s such as Tapu Lele or Shaymin so avoiding having those onthe bench could be crucial too!