Temporal Tournament- rules, explanation, and signups!

Yupp. Gg :slight_smile: had a fun time

Beat @theniceracoon w/ Moltres’ wildfire for a deckout. STALL DECKS FTW!

Confirming lost to @Ivysaurman gg and I really do hate that Mr. Mime.

So far gen 1 has been all about deckouts.

Beat @Wartortlefan with a Ditto. Yeah!

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Beat @pokemonguy, yet another deck out.

Dialga won by deckout.

So, the standings!

@sdotgamer: 1-0-0
@Ivysaurman: 1-0-0
@thegrovylekid 1-0-0
@Dialga625 1-0-0

@Floral 0-1-0
@theniceracoon 0-1-0
@WartortleFan 0-1-0
@Pokemonguy 0-1-0

And now, for the second round!

Round 2: Neo Genesis- Skyridge

Same rules of Testing phase apply, but with these theme decks [you choose your punishment!]:

Remember, Sneasel and Slowking ARE BANNED!!!

Here’s some cards to test:

Remember, Anything before Neo Genesis is banned!

Also, Any card here is what is classified as an “Archetype” [And Feraligatr, I guess] never be afraid to go rogue!

Happy testing!


Feraligatr added to Archetype.

Limit of two still applies

No limit to rogue decks

Entei/Magcargo: 2
Ampharos: 0
Alakazam/Babies: 0
Scizor/Furret: 2
Feraligatr: 1
Dark Ampharos: 1
Rogue: 1

Theme: 0 [hopefully stays this way]

no more Entei/Magcargo decks can be sent in!
No more Scizor/Furret decks can be sent in!

I so would have done babyporter if it were Rocket onwards >:(

Still waiting on 2 people! We could always start early if they get their lists in…

@Pokemonguy, remember to send in your decklist before tuesday!

@pokemonguy, you have to PM me your list by 7:00 PST Today, or it’s a theme deck for you!

Well, Pokemonguy can’t participate for a few rounds [2 if you want to be exact], so here we go with round 2!

unfortunately, the score for him now looks like this: 0-3-0

so, here we go with round 2!

@sdotgamer [1-0-0, EnteiCargo] vs. @thegrovylekid [1-0-0, Rogue]
@Ivysaurman [1-0-0, EnteiCargo] vs. @Dialga625 [1-0-0, Scizor/Furret]
@Floral [0-1-0, Dark Ampharos] vs. @Wartortlefan [0-1-0, Feraligatr]

@theniceracoon, you [un]fortunately get a bye this round.

Because this round was delayed, you have until 7:00 PM PST next Thursday to complete your games and report.

good luck to all!

@Ivysaurman, @Dialga625, @Floral, @Wartortlefan, @sdotgamer, you have 2 days. get your games in, please.

PEOPLE. Any progress? What happened?

So can i join? I have tcgone and ptcgo.

This is the one that isn’t dead. Please join that one.