Temporal Tournament- rules, explanation, and signups!

Hello everybody! I’d like to introduce you to a new kind of online tournament that I created- the Temporal tournament! This it sort of a test run, but here’s the rules:

-You battle through every format from Base set - Gym Challenge all the way to BCR-on.
The formats are as follows:
-Base set -> Gym Challenge
-Neo Genesis -> Skyridge
-Expedition -> EX hidden legends
-EX Ruby and Sapphire -> EX Emerald
-EX Team magma vs. Team Aqua -> EX Unseen forces
-EX Emerald -> EX Power Keepers
-EX Holon Phantoms -> Secret Wonders
-Diamond and Pearl -> Stormfront
-Diamond and pearl -> HGSS Unleashed
-Majestic Dawn -> Call of Legends
-HGSS -> Noble Victories
-Black and white -> Plasma Storm
-Next Destinies -> XY Flashfire
-Boundaries Crossed -> XY Primal clash

Yes, I know that’s a lot of rounds. There’s a point where I switched to actual Rotations, but before that point, I tried to make it fair by rotating a similar amount of sets each time, with some exceptions to not drag this on too too long.

There is a banlist. This is in the spirit of making the game fair, and if this is popular enough, we could attempt to contribute to this banlist eventually, or if you think there is a problem with a certain card that’s in several Pokémon, please say it, and we will discuss it.

The banlist:
Sneasel [Neo Genesis]
Slowking [Neo Genesis]

PLEASE don’t all use the same deck. Let’s get some variety.

After I announce when the next round happens, you have a week to test your deck and then post/PM the list.

All those formats will be one round of SWISS each, and then a top 2 cut in another BCR-on format.

I don’t care how long it takes, emerald break will not be legal until top 2.

First turn rules:
During these formats, there are no restrictions on what a player can do on the first turn:
Base set -> Gym Challenge
Neo Genesis -> Skyridge
HGSS -> Noble victories
Black and White -> Plasma Storm

During these formats, the player going first is not allowed to play trainer cards:
-Expedition -> EX hidden legends
-EX Ruby and Sapphire -> EX Emerald
-EX Team magma vs. Team Aqua -> EX Unseen forces
-EX Emerald -> EX Power Keepers
-EX Holon Phantoms -> Secret Wonders
-Diamond and Pearl -> Stormfront
-Diamond and pearl -> HGSS Unleashed
-Majestic Dawn -> Call of Legends

During these formats the player going first can use trainer cards, but cannot attack:
Next destinies -> XY Flashfire
Boundaries Crossed -> Primal Clash

During these formats, the player going first

TCGOne, PlayTCG, or LackeyCCG. There will be a point where you could either use all three, or only Lackey for the entire thing. Decide with your opponent.

After the suspect day, you will have a week to complete your battles and report your scores.

I hope you like what you read here, because here is the signup page! Please sign up if you think this is an interesting idea.

  1. @thegrovylekid
  2. @Dialga625
  3. @sdotgamer
  4. @pokemonguy
  5. @Floral
  6. @theniceracoon
  7. @WartortleFan
  8. @Ivysaurman

I hope you enjoy, and please sign up for the first-ever temproal cup!

I’ll play, sounds like fun.

I’ll join too, sounds good

I’ll join. Make sure to put the 1st Turn rules in the OP?

This seems awesome. Sign me up!

@thegrovylekid there were also seasons where you couldn’t draw a card. Also why bad Sableye? It was a balanced card in the no-trainer card formats and allowed for decks from the era to be played, eg Gyarados.

I would like to join it sounds fun and interesting.

Edited. Sableye unbanned.

Count me in! :smile:

Just one more person. Anyone have a friend they could persuade to join?

Me in plz ~~~~~~~~~~

What do you guys say? Should we start now?

EDIT: Just kidding! Testing phase begin now!

The First Format is:

Base set through Gym Challenge!

The rules of testing phase are as follows:

-You have exactly 1 week to test decks. Decklists must be sent in before approximately 7:00 PM PST.

-To make this fair, I will post my list in the thread so you guys don’t think I’m trawling for decklists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

-Feel free to post your decklists in the thread or PM me them if you’re secretive.

-If you had not sent in your decklist by that time, you get to use this:

seeing as there were only three archetypes at this time, only two people can use the same deck. to determine who gets to use the deck if say, 3 people choose Haymaker, the first two people who sent it in get it. There’s some advantages to sending yours in early just in case you don’t get it. If you send it in at 7:00 and two people are already using it, you get the glorious

Remember when Charmeleon looked like this?

I guess I should have posted this in the OP, but this is clearly subject to change between formats so I guess I’ll just repost it every time.

-Don’t be afraid to go rogue! There’s less of a chance someone will steal your deck!

-Test a bunch of decks.

Here are five cards you should test. These were the best Pokemon cards in that format, as you probably know.

Good luck, and happy testing!

Also, if you use Hitmonchan, Blastoise, and Scyther in the same deck please specify where it is primarily the randance archetype or the Haymaker archetype.

The wigglytuff archetype is called the do the wave archetype.

Here’s a quick tally of the archetype count:

RainDance: 2
Do The wave: 2
Haymaker: 2
Rogue: 2

No more Blastoise Archetype decks can be sent in!
No more Haymaker Archetype decks can be sent in!
No more Do The Wave decks can be sent in!

Only Rogue decks and/or theme decks are left!

Just a question, will the formats HGSS-NV, and BW-PLS play without hte Catcher errata? It would make quite a bit of sense to do that.

Yes, those play without the catcher errata.

@Ivysaurman, you have until 7:00 PST today to PM me your list. Otherwise, you get a theme deck.

Crap, sorry! I had to reset my computer to get rid of a virus, and it logged me out and I didn’t realize. So when I was on here, I didn’t get any notifications. I’ll have my list, don’t worry ;). BTW, will this be played on TCGone?

You choose between TCGOne, Playtcg (when it’s available) or LackeyCCG. Also, @Ivysaurman, you have ~3 hours to get a list in. :frowning: sorry your computer got a virus!

As promised, here is my Do the wave deck:
4 Jigglypuff (JU)
4 Wigglytuff (JU)
2 Ditto (FO)
3 Mr.Mime (JU)
2 Scyther (JU)

10 Basic Psychic energy

4 Clefairy doll
2 Computer search
2 Item finder
4 Pluspower
4 Professor Oak
4 Bill
4 Energy removal
3 Gust of wind
2 Poke ball
2 Master ball

With that out of the way,
Time to begin!

Round 1: Base set-Gym Challenge

@thegrovylekid [do the wave] vs. @WartortleFan [Blastoise]
@Dialga625 [rogue] vs. @Pokemonguy [Do the wave]
@Ivysaurman [Rogue] vs. @theniceracoon [Blastoise]
@Floral [Haymaker] vs. @sdotgamer [Haymaker]

Wow…Haymaker mirror… this was done completely randomly. Anyways, the games will have to be played by 7:00 PST next Tuesday. Good luck, and remember to report your scores!

I beat @Floral via deckout, he can confirm.