Temporal tournament - Rules, explanation, and signups! ~Take 2

All in with the recording. I need this to start now!!!

I have no problems with you recording.

Yeah record em all you like just give links to our bbs page and maybe twitter and youtube as well if we have em

So have you done the pairings yet

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I am using playtcg is that OK?

anyone using lackey? I found it to be the most reliable.

Ok I downloaded Lacky but I am not sure how to use it. I will try and go through the tutorials. Forgive my ignorance this is actually my first time playing online. How do you get the old cards on bebes search? Is it not possible? If it is I would prefer to use tha over Lacky. It seems much simpler.

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just copy paste this link in plugin wizard at the top https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/73204375/pokemon/high/updatelist.txt

Thank you. So about how long should this take to finish. I am sorry if some of my questions seem foolish.

Mine took like five minutes, and it has all the formats built in, which is great

Wow then my internet must really be slow because it is still going for me!

@GreninjaTheNinja, Bebessearch doesn’t go past Diamond and Pearl. To get any cards before the Black and white,
Simplay add a card that matches with the old card. [IE: Absol PLF For Pokemon, Professor Juniper for Trainers, any Energy for energy] Then, hit the Edit [Pencil] Button, and type in the card you want.

Alright, here we go!

Round 1: Base Set -> Gym Challenge

Testing phase begins!

the rules for Testing phase:

You have exactly 1 week to test decks. So, from not until about 9:00 AM PST next saturday.

For anyone who remembers the last one, there is an “archetype limit” But, since there’s only 3 Archetypes, the first two that fill up to 3 people using them have three, the last one has 2.

There’s no limit on rogue decks. Get Creative!

Here’s some cards to test:

If you don’t PM me your list by the correct time, you get a theme deck. [Insert Dramatic Music here]

I will Publicy post my list at the end of the week.

People who still need to PM me their list:

Haymaker: 3
Do The Wave [To Wa Dave]: 2
Blastoise: 2
Rogue: 3


Happy testing!

EDIT: People who were in the last one, I’ll take the same decklist. People who weren’t, don’t worry :wink: we didn’t get far at all. They won’t have this advantage forever.

No more Haymaker decks can be sent in! Time to start testing something else!

@thegrovylekid I’ll just use my list from last time.

Just putting this up here so you guys remember this still exists. @Ivysaurman, Please PM me your decision, and @PokemonBattlez. I need your list. You have until sunday, or you get a theme deck!

Well guys, just hold on for about 16 hours longer and we can begin this!

@PokemonBattlez may end up using a theme deck, though.

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I’m going to be gone for the weekend so I may get my games in late. Sorry in advance!

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so how long till the pairings go up

Right now!
Round 1: Base set -> gym Challenge

@Ivysaurman [0-0-0] [To Wa Dave] vs. @Bostostar [0-0-0] [Rogue]
@Pokemanic45 [0-0-0] [Haymaker] vs. @Xtremefate [0-0-0] [Haymaker]
@sdotgamer [0-0-0] [Haymaker] vs. @WartortleFan [0-0-0] [Blastoise]
@Greninjatheninja [0-0-0] [Rogue] vs. @PokemonBattlez [0-0-0] [Rogue]
@thegrovylekid [0-0-0] [Do the wave] vs. @theniceracoon [0-0-0] [Blastoise]

Well guys, we are 2 for 2 on the Haymaker mirrors.

As promised, here is my list:

The games must be completed by Saturday, March 7th, 7:00 AM PST.

Good luck to all!

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Beat @theniceracoon, one of the series’s many deckouts. Good game!

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