Temporal tournament - Rules, explanation, and signups! ~Take 2

@thegrovylekid I’ll just use my list from last time.

Just putting this up here so you guys remember this still exists. @Ivysaurman, Please PM me your decision, and @PokemonBattlez. I need your list. You have until sunday, or you get a theme deck!

Well guys, just hold on for about 16 hours longer and we can begin this!

@PokemonBattlez may end up using a theme deck, though.

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I’m going to be gone for the weekend so I may get my games in late. Sorry in advance!

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so how long till the pairings go up

Right now!
Round 1: Base set -> gym Challenge

@Ivysaurman [0-0-0] [To Wa Dave] vs. @Bostostar [0-0-0] [Rogue]
@Pokemanic45 [0-0-0] [Haymaker] vs. @Xtremefate [0-0-0] [Haymaker]
@sdotgamer [0-0-0] [Haymaker] vs. @WartortleFan [0-0-0] [Blastoise]
@Greninjatheninja [0-0-0] [Rogue] vs. @PokemonBattlez [0-0-0] [Rogue]
@thegrovylekid [0-0-0] [Do the wave] vs. @theniceracoon [0-0-0] [Blastoise]

Well guys, we are 2 for 2 on the Haymaker mirrors.

As promised, here is my list:

The games must be completed by Saturday, March 7th, 7:00 AM PST.

Good luck to all!

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Beat @theniceracoon, one of the series’s many deckouts. Good game!

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Lost to @thegrovylekid it was a nice game and I can’t believe I lost to deck out both Gen 1 games.

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Oh no, not this again… :open_mouth:

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I beat @Bostostar. GG

yeah, that is true, @Ivysaurman won, after an hour of setup beforehand

Won against @sdotgamer

Meant to post this sooner, but:

Deck out Tally: 1

Please tell me if any of the games were deck outs.

Is this going to be a thing for the entire tourney? Better get my durant list in early… :wink:


Lost to @Pokemanic45… I don’t play scoop up, he plays 4…

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I won against @XtremeFate! Game 1 I won and game 2 My comp glitched out of the game and closed all tabs, and Game 3 I won! GG! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t deckout, you took all prizes. I would’ve decked out if I stalled longer.

So, it was not a deck out? Good to know.

Wait, I thought it was best of 1?

It was… But @Pokemanic45 won the first game anyways…