Temporal tournament - Rules, explanation, and signups! ~Take 2

For those of you who didn’t know, the first Temporal Tournament kind of died. :frowning:

So, I’m making a second one!


I want to try this out, I just need to know where to play.

Can I join again? I found the first one to be quite interesting and wouldn’t mind doing it again.

I would also like to reenter~

I would like to join! :slight_smile:

hey it sure looks interesting but I have never played using those formats before so I have a few questions are those things listed downloadable programs or played in browsers and do you have to earn the cards or do you get them from the start also do you have a list of good deck archetypes form those formats

I’ll join! Sounds really fun.

I’ll join again, definitely was enjoying the first one

LackeyCCG is downloadable, and the other 2 are Browser-based. You start will all the cards for all of them.

EDIT: by other 2, I mean TCGOne and PlayTCG.

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Well, we have an odd # of people, so 1 more person and then we can start!

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you got a link to info on the previous metagames
edit: grovyle just saying im finding only tcgone’s interface works for me

Here’s one. If I come across any more, I’ll post them.

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The issue is TCGone lacks some of the formats we need and the entire DP-CL block of cards. If you and your opponent decide to use TCGone, than Go for it.

@Bostostar, that’s for you and your opponent to decide. The three best ones are:


Come on… Just one more person… Anyone have a freind they can persuade?

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This seems interesting, but I am absolutely clueless about the base set all the way up to secret wonders.

Hi. If it an online program I would like to enter.

It uses 3 online programs: TCGONE, Playtcg, and LackeyCCG

LackeyCCG can be downloaded here: http://www.lackeyccg.com/downloads.html

Pokemon patch for LackeyCCG: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/73204375/pokemon/medium/updatelist.txt

the reason for using all three is TCGone and PlayTCG don’t have all the cards.

You’re best linking this for Lackey instead: http://lackeyccg.com/pokemon/
That way people can choose high or medium versions. High is much better quality as the medium images are so small they’re hard to read

when does the tourney start? I’m so excited!!!

Before we start, is is alright if I record my matches for my Youtube channel?

Also, the tournament will start early tomorrow.

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kewl with me. @thegrovylekid