"Team Speak" – Investigating the Inner Workings of Pokémon Teams


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Beautiful article. I haven’t been able to scrape up a team of more than 3 people, so this article made me feel better about my situation.


It’s interesting how big teams have become in the Pokemon community. There are a few pretty big teams throughout the country that do fairly well (Honor Roll, Hovercats, X Files, Mad Pullz, etc.) but I’m starting to notice that a lot more people are trying to make it an actual “team” by making shirts, playmats, dice, etc.
I help run Mad Pullz which has about 50ish players spread across the country but mainly in North Texas. We started about three years ago and have grown pretty slowly over time. We have some really solid players on our team and do a good amount of testing together. We hold an “invitational” once every few months where we meet up and have a tournament with about ~20 or so members with prizes as well as a trophy.
For quite a while our team was ran by a single person, Will McEowen, but recently we added a few more admins that have specific roles that they play in the team. I personally help with the competitive side of the team, mainly running online tournaments and starting discussions over the format.
The North Texas Pokemon scene has also developed a few other teams which rival ours. They are pretty similar and have a lot of cool things with their logos on them as well. We’ve had a few team tournaments where we meet and have a box tournament. We play rounds of round robin with 4 pods that have a member from each team in them, and then take the top 2 players from each pod and play out a single elimination Top 8.
I enjoyed the article! I really like what you’ve been putting together lately Brent, I hope to see more of this kind of content from you soon.


Oh man, I can’t believe I didn’t think to ping you on this. Thanks for contributing in the comments.


Just want to share an old article I wrote that is relevant to the discussion.

I’m surprised more teams don’t use some type of message board - or Google Drive, like you said. It’s pretty valuable to be able to go back to look at the progression of a deck list or see actual tournament results from your teammates with a certain list.

Let me know if you have any questions!


I think teams are a great resource. My team, team Obamacare, hasn’t been able to get more than 4 people because a lot of my friends aren’t fond of one of my members. I loved the article! One question, are you/your kids on a team? @bhalliburton


We aren’t on a team. Thanks for asking. I should have made that clearer in an article.