Team Magma's Zangoose Variants // BCR-on

NOTE: I am only using cards from XY and on. :smiley:

Pokemon: 18
4 Team Magma’s Zangoose (DCR)
2 Team Magma’s Groudon EX (DCR)
3 Team Magma’s Baltoy (DCR)
3 Team Magma’s Claydol (DCR)
3 Team Magma’s Numel (DCR)
3 Team Magma’s Camerupt (DCR)

Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 35
3 Team Magma Great Ball
2 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
1 Startling Megaphone
3 Revive
1 Trainers’ Mail
3 Battle Compressor
1 Switch
1 Escape Rope
4 Muscle Band
4 Professor Sycamore
1 Shauna
1 Professor Birch’s Observations
1 Team Magma Admin
2 Lysandre
4 Sky Field

Energy: 10
4 Fighting Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Rainbow Energy


Zangoose’s attack, Team Play, does 20 times the number of Team Magma Pokemon you have on your bench. Use Camerupt’s Ability, Burning Draft, to attach Energy from the discard, then use Claydol’s Ability, Magma Switch, to switch it to Zangoose. Another DCE attachment, and you can power up Zangoose in one turn! Sky Field allows you to have up to 8 Benched Pokemon, so Team Play can deal 180 damage with a Muscle Band, which OHKOs most EXs, excluding Megas. Revive gets your Pokemon back, Battle Compressor gets Energy and Team Magma Pokemon in the discard to use Camerupt’s Ability and/or Team Magma Admin, and Ultra Ball can easily search for a Claydol and Camerupt, respectively.

Any thoughts or suggestions to the deck is accepted!

P.S. This is my first post, so forgive me if I make any mistakes.

Edits: Replaced Level Ball with Ultra Ball, added in another Team Magma Admin, 2 Rainbow Energy and one Team Magma’s Groudon EX. Took out another Fighting Energy. Added more Pokemon!

Now I have 3 extra cards. What should I take out?

This is really interesting, and I’d love to try it out, but a minor little thing is that Level Ball isn’t in the format, as it was only printed in Next Destinies, and although it will be printed in Ancient Origins, we cannot discuss Ancient Origins until the set is confirmed in English release.

Oh okay. Then I’ll replace it with a second Ultra Ball

You only have ten possible pokemon in play.
If 3 are knocked out, discarded, or prized your deck is done for.
You need to add more pokemon for a M Ray esque deck to work.

Cool idea though

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Here is a Team Magma list that focuses on setting up with Zangoose, maybe attaking with it, and sweeping with Team Magma Groudon ex.

4 Zangoose
3 Groudon ex
3 Baltoy
2 Claydol
2 Numel
2 Camerupt

4 Team Magma Great Ball
4 Ultra Ball
3 Batle Compressor
3 VS Seeker
2 Escape Rope
2 Trainers’ Mail
1 Magma Pointer
2 Muscle Band

3 Team Magma Hideout

2 Professor Birch’s Observations
2 Professor Juniper
3 Team Magma Grunt
2 Team Magma Admin
2 Shauna

4 Double Magma Energy
6 Fighting Energy

Note: all pokemon are Team Magma pokemon, and the only reason I have 4 Ultra Ball is because 2 of those are supposed to be level ball, but it is not August yet, so…

There is only nine energy. You might want to change that.

Thats why I have 3 revives and 1 Team Magma Admin. I’ll add in another Admin. Also, MegaRay is too expensive for me.

Nice deck! The mistake you pointed out was a typo. sorry about that. Also, you might want to replace 2 Prof. Birch’s Observations with 2 Shauna, just in case you flip tails.

Guys, I have 3 extra cards! What should I take out?

I think you misunderstand.
Im not saying to play M Ray, but in order for a similar deck to work, no matter how many revives you play, you will need more pokemon that count towards the damage.
About 14-15 is a good number of bench sitters that do damage. Just max out the basics on your evolution lines and you should be fine in theory, but it is recommeneded that you test to make sure you like the changes.

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This is true. I run 13 Basics in my Zoroark deck, and even then I have instances where I run out of Pokemon.

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Oh. Thanks for clearing things up. So should I add more Team Magma’s Groudon EX or up the Camerupt and Claydol lines a bit? And does Double Magma Energy help in this deck?

In your deck, magma energy only works if you have groudon or aggron. Otherwise, run dce.

So Team Magma’s Variants wasn’t enough? We need a Team Magma’s Zangoose Variant thread too…

at least my post just semi-linked the two…

Lol. Who would have thought that random thought I had back then could actually come true. Of course, that was before Sky Field’s reveal IIRC.

Also, besides Groudon and Zangoose, we have Magma’s Aggron.

Well, I just wanted a thread where nobody was talking about Team Magma’s Groudon or Groudon EX, just Team Magma’s Zangoose.

True… but I’m a risk taker, and I’m taking the risk! :triumph:
HaHa! Just kidding! You’re right, of course, I probably should do that.

Here’s my deck so far…

Pokemon- 18

4x Team Magma’s Zangoose (DCR)
2x Team Magma’s Groudon EX (DCR)
3x Team Magma’s Baltoy (DCR)
3x Team Magma’s Claydol (DCR)
3x Team Magma’s Numel (DCR)
3x Team Magma’s Camerupt (DCR)


3x Team Magma Great Ball
2x Ultra Ball
3x VS Seeker
1x Startling Megaphone
2x Revive
3x Battle Compressor
1x Switch
1x Escape Rope
3x Muscle Band
3x Professor Sycamore
1x Shauna
1x Professor Birch’s Observations
1x Team Magma Admin
2x Lysandre
4x Sky Field

Energy: 10
4x Fighting Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy
2x Rainbow Energy


The strategy is still the same, just added in 2 Team Magma’s Groudon EX just in case I run out of Pokemon, Team Magma Admin, VS Seeker, or Revives.

FYI, I have 32 Trainers

This deck sounded interesting, so I built it on PTCGO and it is very fun to play. OKHO’ing 180 HP with Team Magma’s Zangoose is absolutely hilarious. I think the deck does not look intimidating but it is easy to plow through opposing decks with ease once you are set up. I won about 8 of the 10 games I played. How it plays against competitive decks I don’t know, as in PTCGO I most decks are so-so and some are just trying to meet their daily challenge. I would guess only 2 of the decks I faced were competitive (Landorus EX variant and something else I forgot).

A few thoughts:
-3 Battle compressor
+3 Team Magma Grunt
I found battle compressor not very useful. Too few fighting to toss and little else. Grunt is a great card b/c you can toss fighting or some extra team magma pokemon to draw 3 or 4 cards.

-1 shauna
-1 prof Birch
+2 Colress
Colress is awesome draw with a (usually) filled bench

-1 DCE
-2 Rainbow
+3 Fighting
If you can get 2 each of Claydol and Camelrupt, your energy is recycling well (getting 1 each is not hard).
I found rainbow near useless as attacking with anything other than zangoose is very rare the more fighting you have to recycle, the better the Claydol/Camelrupt system works. I guess if you played this competitively, rainbow might be helpful b/c this deck would get walled by Pyroar.

-2 ultra ball
+1 dowsing machine
+1 sacred ash
Ultra ball is not too useful as Team Magma’s Great Ball gets you your basics and usually through draw you will get your Stage 1s.
Sacred ash helps as you sometimes toss your pokemon with Grunt and sometimes toss the Team Magma’s Admin with Grunt, and helps you get these back.
Fun deck!

I see your list is XY on, so forget the Colress and dowsing machine switches.