Team Magma Variants // BCR-on

3 Team Magma’s Groundon EX
2 Team Magma’s Baltoy
2 Team Magma’s Claydol
2 Team Magma’s Numel
2 Team Magma’s Camerupt
Total Pokémon-11

4 Sycamore
2 N
2 Skyla
1 Colress
1 Lysandre
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
1 Teammates
2 Team Magma Admins
3 VS Seeker
1 Ultra Ball
3 Team Magma Great Ball
2 Battle Compressor
3 Super Scoop Up
2 Switch
2 Megaphone
2 Magma Pointer
4 Team Magma’s Hideout
1 Computer Search
Total Trainers-33

8 Fighting
4 Double Magma Energy
Total Energy-12

The deck’s main strategy is to power up Team Magma’s Groundon-EX with help from Team Magma’s Claydol and Team Magma’s Camerupt. To help get the damage on the opponents Pokémon to increase Team Magma’s Groundon-EX full damage output there is Team Magma’s Hideout and Magma Pointer. Team Magma’s Hideout is a stadium that puts 2 damage counters on any Pokémon that isn’t a Team Magma Pokémon that is put on the bench and Magma Pointer is a tool that gives an attack to any Team Magma Pokémon it is attached to, the attack is that for F you can do 20 to one of your opponent’s Pokémon not applying weakness/resistance to the bench. So that’s basically the whole strategy for the deck all comments/constructive criticism is appreciated.

May be better to name it “Magma Variants” or something, not so specific to three cards

Perhaps rename this topic to "Groudon-EX PRC Variants // BCR-On"
This will help keep the discussion going beyond that one specific decklist and clear misconceptions on the spelling of 'Groudon’
Besides that, why would you not run Strong Energy, as it would just be a good card in any fighting deck, no real reason to point out its huge benefits
and what exactly is a team magma pokemon? i have not seen any of them in upcoming sets.
@Bostostar you stole the words right out of my mouth
you posted while i was writing this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I guess you’re right. I really wasn’t sure what to name it so I thought I’d just play it safe, but your idea looks good. Thanks

They are from the new Double Crisis Mini Set that was official released today. You can see all the scans on PokeBeach right now if you want.

oooooh sorry i don’t really do pokebeach, more of a bulbapedia person ill check it out now

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This topic already exists too. Just an FYI.

Should be Team Magma’s Groudon Variants imo, to differentiate it from both Groudon decks and other decks that may or may not pop up from Double Crisis (Zangoose, anyone?).

Magma Spirit

This may sound like a dumb question, but can Team Magma’s Groudon EX evolve into Primal Groudon EX? or can only the normal Groudon EX evolve into the Primal Reversion?
This is what it says on the card.
Primal Pokémon-EX Evolves from Groudon-EX.
Since Team Magma’s Groudon EX does not equal Groudon EX;
therefore, Team Magma’s Groudon EX can’t evolve into Primal Groudon EX. Correct?

Same applies for Team Aqua’s Kyogre EX too.

Correct; you cannot “Primal Revert” Team Magma’s Groudon into Primal Groudon-EX.

With the Team Aqua and Team Magma Pokémon, the “owners” were again listed as part of the card’s name (which is how the mechanic originally worked long before Team Plasma affiliated cards). Unless I was being lazy in posts on other threads or making a deck list, I should have followed my usual formatting rules for card names, like how I list Team Magma’s Camerupt just like that (all in italics) but if I type something like Leafeon [Plasma] the "[Plasma]’ is not italicized (because it is not actually part of the card’s name).

Seriously, this is why I started to do such things! XD

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This is a very different direction, but since it has Team Magma cards, I believe it belongs here.

10 Pokemon
3 Team Magma’s Groudon EX
1 Lucario EX
4 Landorus FFI
2 Spinda PRC

36 Trainers
4 Sycamore
2 N
3 Skyla
3 Lysandre
1 Lysandre Trump Card

3 Team Magma Great Ball
4 VS Seeker
3 Battle Compressor
4 Muscle Band
3 Switch
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Scramble Switch
4 Silent Lab

14 Energy
4 Double Magma Energy
4 Strong Energy
6 Fighting Energy


I like the concept, I just think that if you’re going to use a 4 Energy Fighting EX, why not just use Primal Groudon-EX? You don’t have to lock down your Ability to attack, you can’t be Lysandre’d or Hammer’d, you do more damage, and you get around Pyroar!

  1. An excuse to use Team Magma Pokémon.
  2. No messing with Mega Evolution
  3. Pyroar seems to be pretty dead.
  4. You do more damage, but once damage is in place the opponent has to heal it for Team Magma’s Groundon-EX to not hit hard… while Primal Groudon-EX needs a Stadium to discard.

The main reason is of course the first. :wink: