TCGONE Tournament Testing


TCG ONE Tournament : Signups open!! It is Top Cut Style Best of 3. 8 Man pod. The website is


Format: BLW-on

When: 10/9/15 (further date will be posted upon consensus of players)




In, excited for all of this.


In, sounds fun! 2020220


In, when will it happen?


What time? Oh and in, if it hasn’t started already.


Guys, It is not letting me reply very much because this is within my first 24hrs of having a six prizes account. The tournament time will be determined by the majority of the players’ schedules. Again the format is BLW-on. Share this with your friends!! That way we can have more players!!


Actually, sorry guys, I can’t do it. Other things I need to do.


The tournament will commence whenever we have 8+ players

the people that are in right now are:

  1. @smashandslash
  2. @bkeldeo
  3. @thegrovylekid
  4. @tototavros
  5. @ccloughley
  6. empty
  7. empty
  8. empty

Make sure to share this with others
oh, and plz try to help me with the discussion i posted on the forums for expanded.


I’m in. 20202020202020
@bkeldeo, you can’t advertise other threads on another.


I’m in how d we know to start?


For anyone who is still clueless.


Get me in there :smiley: 202020202


So, we now have 8 players, so the players are:

  1. @jirachi123
  2. @thegrovylekid
  3. @bkeldeo
  4. @bluezune
  5. @tototavros
  6. @Cjdanewbie
  7. @smashandslash
  8. @ccloughley

Games are Best of 3. Play your games sometime within ONE WEEK and report back. Here are the pairings. ID’s are not valid because of Top Cut Formatting.

Round 1:
@ccloughley VS @tototavros
@thegrovylekid VS @Cjdanewbie
@bkeldeo VS @bluezune
@jirachi123 VS @smashandslash



Sometime by tomorrow?
I might be able to fit that in, but a full 3 game session takes a little bit to coordinate.


That’s quite a bit extreme. I’d advise a week for rounds to be complete as opposed to a day.


You can’t expect everyone to be able. to get a game in tomorrow, even your game.
I can’t even get time in to play over the weekend and I have another tournament round I need to schedule with @ivysaurman.
Give us like, a half a week at least. A week at most. If you are having trouble running a tourney, go back and look at threads for other, older tournaments.


Yah, sorry, I cant even get my game in until like Tomorrow Afternoon, (Monday). I Revised the post to say within ONE WEEK, again, sorry.


Tommorow is thanksgiving and I have no time during the week so i’m dropping


I can’t play, sorry. Cut me out of the tourney. I can’t do it.


ok, sorry guys, New pairings are:

  1. @bkeldeo VS @bluezune
  2. @thegrovylekid VS @Cjdanewbie
  3. @jirachi123 VS @tototavros

Until Oct. 19 u have to complete matches. Thx Guys.