TCGOne Tournament (July 25th-July 26th)


Hello! I will be hosting a tournament from July 25th to July 26th. Information as follows:

Main page, including prize support, signups, check in, information I forgot, and bracket:

You can sign up on the Challonge page or you may private message me with the screename you wish you have and an email to report scores.
(Please do not use an email generator unless the generator can keep an email for at least two weeks. If you do not, then you will not be able to report scores.)

Swiss rounds and top cut will be streamed on (EDIT: Sorry, put in the wrong link :s)

Schedule (All times are in EST)
July 25th:
Check in at 8:30-10:30
Play begins at 10:30
Round schedule will be posted closer to the tournament. Rounds will be one hour.

July 26th:
Top Cut will begin at 5:45 PM
The Top Cut is expected to end at 8:45 if everything goes to plan.

Format and Rules:
The format will be BCR-On (Lysandre’s Trump Card is still banned)
Swiss rounds will be best of one due to time.
Top Cut rounds will be best two out of three.
During Top Cut, rounds will take 75 minutes+3 turns. We will be playing a variant of the four prize rule. (I don’t know the official name of the rule, but the rule is that if four prizes have been taken by a player and timed is called along with the +3 finished, there will be a sudden death. Because we will be playing all matches on TCGone, we will start a new game and next prize will win.)
Intentional drawing is not allowed.

(Note: I probably forgot a thing or two. xD The thread will update as I remember or change things.)


I’d like to sign up. I’ll PM you my info. Also would you be okay with me recording my match for YouTube?


You may record your matches onto Youtube.


Alright. The top cut will begin in 10 minutes, stream is here: If you do not pm me in 20 minutes @Skyla and @sableyeman2002 then I will dq.


Good game @Skyla, you deserved the win.