TCGONE BLW-Breakthrough tournament round two results due December 7! ONE SPOT AVAILABLE


I think I’m going to drop. Something personal came up and won’t have the time for this. Sorry for this inconvenience. Good luck to everyone that is playing!


Just beat @thegrovylekid in 2 quick games. His deck was very interesting, though!


Can confirm this. I’ll probably also retire the deck after the tournament.


I’ve messaged my opponent five days ago, but he isn’t showing up…should I just wait until he does?


I’ll give u a win if he doesn’t respond by Monday. Just wait until then


@tototavros @jirachi123 @jamie177 @bkeldeo @Suicuneisthebest @Cobalt314 @Ghazernado @TheDewottClan

Results are due by tommorow, if half of the people don’t get results in by Monday, December 7, I will give an extension until Friday, December 11


Me and @tototavros have both been busy and are still trying to figure out a play time.


Dropping out, time is too much of an issue due to impending finals, really sorry, this tournament seems to be falling apart with the first drops and now me


@troller100, could @tototavros and I get an extention till Tuesday? It’s the only time when he and I can both play on the same day.


Alright everyone has an extension until Friday


I scoop to @tototavros and I drop. There was too much on my plate this week, and I barely play on TCGOne anymore.


I’m also going to drop, finals are important.


I think we will have to close the tournament due to people having more important matters. But please next time before you join a tournament think if you can fit in your schuedle


My schedule was open… And then I was bombarded with homework. Sorry about that.


I have to scoop as being in @ RisingRaichu’s tournament and this is to much for me to handle