TCGONE BLW-Breakthrough tournament round two results due December 7! ONE SPOT AVAILABLE


@CrsMrk @tototavros. you guys have to get your game in by tommorow or I will have to give both of you guys a double loss. @jamie177 I need you to send me a screenshot of the you trying to set up a game with @Suicuneisthebest. I will drop @Suicuneisthebest from this tourney if I see it through the message you send me.


@suicuneisthebest hasn’t been on for many days. And don’t drop him yet. Give him a gameloss and if he doesn’t respond during the end of round two, then drop him.


I’d love to play if my opponent were to respond, however, it seems unfair for a player who is away for such a long time to suddenly force a “Play at this time or get a double loss” situation. It may end up that my opponent responds, but we are unable to find a time to play, as I am going to be quite busy tomorrow, and only am able to have a few spots still left aside for a possible tournament series.


I did message him with no response


Speaking of that…


Round 1 was due yesterday… What now? @troller100


I’ll put up round 2 in a few minutes. @tototavros
@jamie177 u guys both get the win. If @Suicuneisthebest @CrsMrk don’t respond by the end of this round they will both be dropped


Where is round two? Its been 40 minutes…


Sorry for the wait, Los angeles traffic
Round 2 results will be due next monday, December 7th
Best of 3 rounds

  1. @tototavros (1-0) vs. @jirachi123 (1-0)
  2. @jamie177 (1-0) vs. @bkeldeo (1-0)
  3. @troller100 (1-1) vs. @Garchomponite (2-0)
  4. @Chipadat (2-0) bye
  5. @Suicuneisthebest (0-1) vs. @Cobalt314 (0-1)
  6. @Ghazernado (0-1) vs. @TheDewottClan (0-1)
    7.@10foulz (1-1) vs @thegrovylekid (0-2)
    Good luck everyone


I played Chipadat last round…


Alright, my fault, I tried to make the inacts play each other. I’ll fix that right now


Next question: Is deck switching between rounds allowed, or are we stuck with whichever deck we played R1 with?


There should be no deck changing at this time. As the tournament proceeds and we play either 4 or 5 rounds, then proceed to a top 4, I might consider a deck change in top 4.


I’m getting rid of the “two spots may be open” thing because
a. they aren’t open yet
b. people will swarm this thread saying they want in
c. if two players are gone then we still have an even number of players.


Dropping from the tournament. My apologies to my opponents, I didn’t realize how busy I was going to be when I signed up.


Lost to @Garchomponite. 2 great games, Also with @CrsMrk dropping, there will be a new spot open.


By one spot available, does that mean that one person not currently in the tourney can sign up? If so, can I reserve my place?


that is correct. Just wait for @troller100 to accept you…


Yes, @Cobalt314, you can join but you’re record will be 0-1 because you’re taking over someone.


That is fine, thank you.