TCGONE BLW-Breakthrough tournament round two results due December 7! ONE SPOT AVAILABLE


I’ll sign up.



Well everyone, TCGone has breakthrough so I will start the tournament
Results will be due Next Sunday, NOVEMBER 29
Since there is an odd number of players one person will get a bye
Rounds are best 2 out of 3
1.@thegrovylekid vs. @Chipadat (1-0)
2. @Suicuneisthebest vs. @jamie177 (1-0)
3. @10foulz vs. @troller100 (1-0)
4. @CrsMrk vs. @tototavros (1-0)
5.@TheDewottClan vs.@jirachi123 (1-0)
6. @bluezune vs. @Garchomponite (1-0)
7. @Ghazernado vs @bkeldeo (1-0)


@garchompite gets to play and has a bye?


So sorry. I’ll fix that right now


Beat @10foulz in 3 great and close games


Um, this is probably really not-doable but can i enter?? I noticed u had shut down signups but u have an extra guy, @Ghazernado, so, can i be matched against him??


Alright u can join @bkeldeo. @Ghazernado u will have to play this round. Reminder everyone results due this Sunday, November 29th


thx man, u r awesome

my user is “pikaman22”


Is it BO1 or BO3 for the swiss rounds?


Lost games 2 and 3 versus @Garchomponite. All were great games.


Lost to @Chipadat after winning the first game. Great series.



What timezone are you in, when is best to play?
I’m in the UK (GMT)


beat @thedewottclan in a very close best of three series! gg man!


I beat @Ghazernado in a rather quick Best of 3 series, sorry man! lol, good and funny games though.



Let me know when your free this weekend man.
We only have a couple of days.


There is private messages

Also, I should point out that he hasn’t been on in 4 days…


@jamie177, you can probably just get like a round one win, like showing up to a tourney with a deck and your opponent isn’t there, R1 autowin.


There is still some time left and @troller100 is in charge O this tournament, @bkeldeo


Yeah, I know, I was just telling @jamie177 that if @Suicuneisthebest does not end up complying or getting to play, then most likely @jamie177 will get a win, I am not trying to dictate any kind of rule, just a suggestion.


To give a person a win I will need u to pm me a screenshot that u tried to pm ur opponent and he didn’t respond (send me that on the day of the deadline) you win the series, or your opponent says that he gives the win to you on this thread.