TCGONE BLW-Breakthrough tournament round two results due December 7! ONE SPOT AVAILABLE


TCGONE Expanded Tournament

  1. I will be playing so don’t send me deck lists.
  2. This tournament sign ups will be open until breakthrough is on tcgone. Maximum 32 players
  3. Every week I will post match ups. You and your opponent will play and give me the results before one week has passed. If both of you don’t answer it will result in a tie. If someone is inactive for two weeks, they will be kicked out of the tournament and replaced.
  4. This tournament will be played on TCGONE
  5. Have fun and good luck


Tournament sign ups:

  1. @troller100
  2. @jirachi123


2 @jirachi123
I’m in. Lets do this


I could go for some testing anytime, my TCGOne username is Ghazernado.


Is tcg one tcg online?


No its this


No it’s a simulator online. The website url is


Ok thanks for the help


TCGOne doesn’t have BREAKThrough yet…


The signups will end when BREAKthrough is on TCGone. And from what I’ve heard, it will come out on the 25th.
For future reference:


In! Can’t wait for TCGOne to get BREAKThrough!


In. Let’s do this!


I will enter if there’s still room


TcgOne username is The__Chosen__One if anyone wants to do some testing drop me a pm


I will also enter if there is room. Thanks.


I am in if there is space


Add me if there is space.


I’m always down. Chomp-o-nite


Sure I’ll sign up too


Add me. 10foulz is my username