TCG Team Alpha Thread

Okay everyone this is it! The start of our brand new 6P team! We can start off by discussing these three things:
-plans for Regionals and the meta we will see
-testing/tournament organization
-coming up with a name for our team and a logo ffor a shirt or something so that way, if we go to a tournament we could find each other in person

Discuss and Welcome!

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First. :trollface:

Really though, what will you guys be playing for Regionals, and which Regionals will you guys be going to? I’m playing Lucario/Landorus/Garbodor at San Jose. Also, we should make a name that relates to the meta in some way.

Okay for me I’ll be heading down to Philly (I’m an hour outside the city near King of Prussia.) I already know I’m playing speed pyroar. It’s not a wise choice to throw all my hopes into one bucket but here’s why:
As I see it, these are the meta decks and my matchups against them:

Seismatoad: Unfavorable (unless you get lucky, Garbodor destroys you)

Yveltal: Favorable (Zoroark is never played in more than 2 to a deck)

Charizard: Favorable (Intim Mane)

Mirror: About 50-50, depends on how good your start is

Virz/Gen: Highly Favorable (weakness and only g-booster breakthrough)

Plasma: About 50-50 (unless they run multiple Dialga, then very unfavorable)

Fighting: (Garbodor never seen in more than 2s)

Big Basics: Highly Favorable (may run counters but again, rarely more than 2)

Edit: Also this deck is pretty risky to play because of how variable it’s starts can be and the amount of coin flips involved.

So should I run 3 Garbodor in my deck as a counter?

ifi could go to a regonials i would have played a big basic garbodor deck

If I go to a Regionals, I’m working on a Donphan/Trevenant deck. In testing, it seems pretty solid. But is there already a list of locations where Regionals will be held already?

Most likely Mewtwo EX Virizion Beartic, if not, I might go with Fighting.dec or Seismitoad Garbodor.

I’d personally do something like this:
3 Landorus EX
3 Lucario EX
1 M Lucario EX
1 Landorus FUF
3 Trubbish
3 Garbodor

Although there’s no list, if you use’s event locator, it will detect Regionals near you. Mine alerted me to one in San Jose.

@Dogsleep There is NO way on Earth that I’m putting 70$ extra into another Lucario and Landorus >:( (I was going to do a : P, but it looks all happy on the BBS which wasn’t the exact emotion I was trying to convey).

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Here’s my predictions. Take this with a grain of salt.

Seismatoad will be huge and probably spark a re-emergence in it’s counters like gensect/virizion

Yveltal will be smaller than before with dark patch gone but will certainty see a good amount of play

Charizard will be seen but may dip in popularity as seismatoad grows

Pyroar will stay about the same as it’s matchups are okay with seismatoad being its only thing close to an insta-loss

Fighting will be the most popular choice and we’ll see a lot of close fighting vs. seismatoad matches

Big Basics will be relatively the same. Not much to say here.

Plasma will be more prepared for pyroar and seismatoad but will have weaker matchups against things like Vir/Gen and Fighting

Haha. Yeah I know the struggles of the monies. That’s the ideal line I would run. (pssst, I went speed pyroar because it’s cheap*)

*relatively of course

I would like to go to a regionals around Yorkyown/Crton NY. Or in NYC. I would run my aegislash deck. See how it will do

If I go to regionals I’m not telling anyone my deck lol


Does anyone know when they will be? Like, are we talking days, weeks or months away?

Ended up at 2-1 at my League Challenge today. Beat TDK and Ninetales/Raichu, and lost a crappy match to Flareon Cofagrigus. 5th place. Oh and I played Yveltal/Garbodor.

The two dates of the Regionals that I looked at (Philadelphia and San Jose), are the 4th and the 18th of October respectively, so it’s really not that far away.

The only reason I have the Landorus is because I picked up 2 for a crappy rogue deck for City’s at 10$ apiece. I don’t even have the Lucario yet, I’m buying those soon.



Of course as I am from the UK the meta is different. I this is my idea of the meta right now. I will not be expecting Yveltal. I will see some VirGen but their popularity dipped at the end of last season so I doubt that I will see those reamerge. Pyroar and Landorus will be popular. And Seismitoad being the only skillful deck here will not see as much play as Landy and Pyroar.

Seismitoad is going to be really popular. Not really a skillfull deck. Just attach energies to Seismitoad and big basics and attack.