TCG one tourney! 10foulz wins!


I don’t see the pairings. Who am I facing?

Edit: nvm, should have waited xD Sorry about that


I won a fun series vs @Cobalt314 !
I lost game 1, but won the next 2!
Good games


Great! Hopefully we can get this tournament done before worlds!

This is why I like to do single elimination tourneys! They go by really fast!


Uh-oh! I forgot to set a final date!

@DatPiplup, I’m giving us til the tenth to finish our game because i want to get the finals done by the fifteenth…


You know what, @10foulz would you mind if @DatPiplup and I finish our game with a deadline of the 15th? We have no time to play except for next week. Were good, @DatPiplup.


Yeah that’s fine. If you win we can have the finals in person at worlds, lol.


Just a heads up:
It is unlikely for me to play on the 15th. And I have very small windows throughout 16th-18th,
World Championships follows.


Well try to get our game done as soon as possible. Were still figuring out a time since our schedules are busy. But hey, if I win, we can definitely have the finals on Sunday at worlds!


I would love your list for Worlds, maybe.


@DatPiplup, if you haven’t responded by Friday night, you will be given a loss. I think this is fair because I have been waiting for you to respond for a day, now, basically.


@DatPiplup has conceded the match. @10foulz, its you and me.


I can play in like 15-20 minutes if you want… or play at worlds?


I’m ready now if you like or later.


The game will be postponed due to lagging issues.


correct. sometime after worlds, the winner will be announced


@10foulz, could you play tonight?


I scoop to @10foulz. Congrats. If you would like to post your list here…


I was running Kristy Brittons list btw.


@10foulz wins! Thanks to everyone for playing!


Thanks! I forgot my list but it was Toad/Manectric/Bats.
I will post it here over the next few days.
It was a fun tournament.