TCG one tourney! 10foulz wins!


No extension needed. I had my last school day today becasue I’m moving tomorrow night.


Will u still be able to participate?


Yes, definitely


Still waiting…

Though I realize @10foulz is moving so u may haven’t had time


Right now I’m on when he’s not on and vice versa. I’ll see if I can get a match with @sableyeman2002 tonight or tomorrow.


I have a lot of things going on this week and the chances of my mom letting me inside to play pokemon is pretty slim, because “its the hottest day of the year here! I wont let you waste it inside!”


Lol. Sounds fun to be outside on the hottest day of the year. Just remember the deadline!


@ccloughley and I are playing right now!


I am the winner! Good job to @ccloughley Thanks for playing


Just you guys now. No pressure😜


I sent @DatPiplup possible a possible playtime, but I’m not sure if he’ll be available. I really hope we can play today :wink:.


Any updates, @sableyeman2002 and @DatPiplup?


I’ve PM’ed him multiple times, haven’t got a response yet. Even sent my email so he could get to me more easily. I hope we’ll be able to play today.


^ (I did email him, but I probably used the wrong email xD) @sableyeman2002 We will most likely play today.


@sableyeman2002 @jirachi123 I just got notified last minute that I can’t battle Sableye today unless it’s right now… I’ll try my best to aim for tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience. By the way, if time comes, I will just offer a concession to Sableye if there’s no more time.


Any results, guys?..


Dang, 2 more days untill deadline.
I’m desperate to start round 2!


@jirachi123 I beat @sableyeman2002. It was definitely a close match!


GG @DatPiplup, I made a terrible autoloss in to a close series, but in the end, @DatPiplup won. GG


FINALLY!! Thanks, @DatPiplup and @sableyeman2002! Pairings are up!