TCG one tourney! 10foulz wins!


Not 1 damn clue how to use tcg1.


Me neither, just made an account today!


Im in 20202020202020


90’s hacker voice
I’m in


I’ll join.20202020202020


Unfortunately, @JStensrud and @Troller100, you guys are too late, @Samuel got the final spot. Sorry guys.


Alright, pairings are up! You will need to PM your opponent to figure out a time. Deadline is August 5th. (My birthday!) For those of you in the expanded tournament, like myself, the deadline is so you have a couple more days to finish that round too.


Where are the Pairings?


Original post. It’s top cut style so u r number six and will be facing @Cobalt314 who is number 3.

Your numbers are the order u signed up in and are on the original post.

If this confuses anyone else, let me know and I will change this


Not a problem. I’ve only top cutted once at an event, so I’m not used to it yet. [Though I hope I will be in the future :smile:]


Are the Swiss rounds BO3?


It’s not Swiss, its elimination, but yeah.


It confuses me, never been in top cut, either. But I think I got this:
1 vs 8
2 vs 7
3 vs 6
4 vs 5
Am I right?


Beat @thegrovylekid 2-1 in some very great matches. Sorry you couldn’t record the latter two matches :frowning:


C’mon, people! Any results?


I played M Manectric/Garbodor/Empoleon for anyone wondering, and I got a T1 Empoleon every game.


And I take the series againt @Samuel! Sorry, dude. Good luck at Worlds, and don’t run that deck. My advice is to run what I was running. Its a really good play!


Still waiting on @DatPiplup, @sableyeman2002, @ccloughley, and @10foulz. Any updates, guys?

@ccloughley and @10foulz, if you can’t get a time because of school, ill give you guys an extension…


we can probably play tomorrow, if not tonight


@DatPiplup says that he can play tomorrow.