TCG one tourney! 10foulz wins!


Hello! I wanted to playtest a little more for worlds so I decided to create this tourney for me, anyone else who needs to test for worlds, and anyone who is bored out of their minds! Standard format, b2 out of three, and single elimination. Eight players. Tourney should start when we have 8 players. You may videotape the matches with the consensus of your opponent. PM your opponent for a play date. I will post the winning list here if the winner I okay with it.

  1. @jirachi123
    2 @10foulz
  2. @Cobalt314
  3. @DatPiplup
  4. @sableyeman2002
  5. @thegrovylekid
  6. @ccloughley
  7. @Samuel

Yes, this is top cut style.

It’s on TCGone, if u haven’t figured I out yet.:blush:


What’s TCGone? Don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.


It’s another website to play Pokemon.


What’s the website?
Do I need to sign up or something?


Just google it. It should come up. It requires an email to sign up, but u get every card at your disposal in quickplay unlike using codes on PTCGO.


Ill join, dont have anything better to do


That’s cool. I’ll try it when I finish Homework.
If I sign up, I’ll let you know to add me to the list.


You have homework in the middle of the summer?


Count me in, if possible


My district does something weird.
It’s new, and more public schools are starting to do it. (It’s only like a 5 year old idea)
Instead of 3 month summer, I have a 6-week summer break, and I just started the school year last week. But you may think,
"That sucks, you get less days off!"
But we balance it from getting 2 extra weeks in fall break, extra week in Chrismas break, extra week in spring break, etc.
So we still get the same number of school days and days off.


It’s called year-round school.


I’ll sign up too. Do we need to PM you lists?


Its called a crappy idea


I think the people who run the school board enjoy seeing kids cry…


Nope. 20202020202020


I’ll join the tournament!


I’m in! 202020202020


Put me in please! 20


And with that, there is one more spot!


@Darksripe2 Jump in with us!