TCG one Regionals testing tournament


No, @Jel_low, would tonight at 8 be ok (Cali time)?


Beat @thegrovylekid 2-0 GG


Lost to @Ivysaurman. Looks like Lilligant’s run ends here.


You want some practice @bluezune? Me and you for top 4.


Sure I can actually play right now for real. Just challenge me because I don’t know how.

I got some practice with it.


I actually can’t play for the rest O the night. Going to In’N’Out🍟

Also, to challenge, go to the green box in the upper left hand corner. It’ll give you names of everyone on TCG one. Right Click on one and it’ll give you the option to send a challenge and two other options but they’re useless.


@Ivysaurman If it’s not a bother, what deck were you playing?


I’d rather not say as I’d be giving an advantage to whomever my opponent may be :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll tell you once the tournament is over. However, I will say that I used 2 Audino BCR to counter Lilligant from grovyle (they’re specifically in just for him, so don’t take it as a hint - it’s not)


I’m in if there is still space


This is single elimination and its already started. Were on top 4. Sorry


I can play now @jirachi123 if you would like.


Can u play at seven?


That’s fine man. See ya there.


I beat @bluezune! @ivysaurman, you and me in the finals!