TCG one Regionals testing tournament


Forgot a deadline! Whoops! The deadline is September 27


Is anyone currently able to get on? I cannot.


It’s usually down around this time. Check back around 15 mins


Anyone done yet?..


Yes. Or did you mean anyone else…



Seriously, people, I know I haven’t even finished my game, but me and @10foulz are at least trying to play today…
@bluezune, @Jel_Low, @ivysaurman, @DatPiplup! Anyone done?


we’re gonna play tomorrow


Yea, me and Jel low are going to play tomorrow too.


Aren’t u going to the LC?


I’m in AZ right now, so should be able to play in the morning against my opponent.


You’re IN AZ? How the heck do you get in AZ? I mean granted, he’s pretty tall, but how?

Also, yes, I do mean this AZ:

I’m pretty sure you mean Arizona, but I felt it was necessary.


What do you think the backpack is for…


Ahh. That explains how @Bluezune is in AZ.


I win 2-0 against @10foulz. gg


I lost against @Ivysaurman. I got destroyed, gg. xD


Beat @DatPiplup 2-0 gg
EDIT: Ninja’d


Any updates @bluezune and @Jel_Low?


He said he was able to play this morning but never “showed up”. I guess tomorrow is the last day to play, so I’ll pm him for a time. If i don’t hear from him, what happens?


If he doesn’t respond about tomorrow or responds and doesn’t show up, hell get the loss.


@Jel_Low, @bluezune? Any updates?

@thegrovylekid, @ivysaurman, you guys can go ahead and start your top 4 match if you like. Deadline is October 4.