TCG one Regionals testing tournament


So, Regionals are coming up (duh) and I wanted some practice and I’m sure others do too, so I’m going to make this little tournament so we can hopefully finish before regionals is done. Single Elimination, on TCG one, Expanded format, Top Cut Style, eight player cap. Yeah. No list needed.

  1. @jirachi123
  2. @Ivysaurman
  3. @thegrovylekid
  4. @bluezune
  5. @Jel_Low
  6. @DatPiplup
  7. @Ghazernado
  8. @10foulz


I’m in! I want redemption for the last one of these you ran :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, jeez…

You and your lilligants… What will we do…


Hey, don’t spoil it :wink:


I’ll join! I need to decide what deck to play ;_;


I’ll join but I’ve never used tcgone before, but we’ll practice @jirachi123


As long as it’s not Foretress FLF/Latios EX, I don’t care what it is.


Im down! TCGone username is: Jello143


I suppose I’m in if the previous tourney is no longer being run.


Sure, lemmeh in. Username is Oshawottstarter.


You mean the PM one? Nah, this just a quicker one so we can finish it fast. So are you in?

Only two spots left people!!


Then yes, I am interested in participating.


You mightn’t care, but I wanna win :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll take the last spot!


Aaaaannnnd that’s it! Remember, Best 2of 3, PM your opponent for a time, and Good Luck! Pairings are:
@jirachi123 vs @10foulz
@thegrovylekid vs @Ghazernado
@Ivysaurman vs @DatPiplup
@bluezune vs @Jel_Low


@bluezune will you be able to play within the next 30 mins?
lmk man thx


@Ghazernado , want to play now?


Do we have to share what decks we play?


No… If u want to u can.


Beat @Ghazernado 2-1. Good Games!