TCG ONE 8 Person Expanded Tournament (1 PLAYER NEEDED)


Yeah sorry, can confirm that yokai won. GG yokai :smile:


Just a reminder
You guys all have 3 more days to turn in results


I haven’t received any response from @tototavros


Alright if he doesn’t answer by tomorrow you get a win.


Since I will not be able to complete the match by the deadline, I’ll give @garchompnite the swift 2-0.


Alright thank you @Ghazernado, will update that.


Looks like @tototavros won’t be able to play against me. Just got a response today, and said that he wasn’t at the computer for a while.


Can confirm Austin’s post.


Are we just waiting for an 8th player now?


Yes we are waiting on just one more player.


So this tournament is dead i guess?