TCG ONE 8 Person Expanded Tournament (1 PLAYER NEEDED)


Hey guys, I’m just starting a 8 person tournament on tcg one

  • It will be 3 rounds with a top 4
  • Rounds will best of 3
  • Do not join if you won’t be able to keep up with the time commitment
  • I won’t be participating, so all deck lists must be sent to me before the tournament starts
  • Good luck to everyone participating and have a fun time while doing it
    Player List
    1.@Ghazernado (deck list received)
  1. @yokai (deck list received)
  2. @tototavros (deck list received)
  3. @ShealynMillay
  4. @AustinTCG (deck list received)
  5. @bkeldeo (deck list received)
  6. @Garchomponite (deck list received)
  7. @timothy_wailordking (deck list received)


I’m in, my name on TCGOne is Ghazernado. I’ll pm my list soon.


Can i join? my name is Yokai on TCGOne. ill send my list tonight.


Tototavros, pming soon.


I’ll join, my username is dialgadude.


Is this with or without Steam Siege?


Presumably without, as the new set probably won’t be on TCGOne for a while.


The tournament will be without steam siege


Sign me up please! Will PM list soon


We still need 3 more people to start the tournament. Spread the word so we don’t have to wait a long time.
Also, I still haven’t received your deck lists yet.


sign me up i guess. Pikaman22


I’ll join, my name is yokoking. I’ll pm the list soon.


I’ll join as well. Username: Chomp-o-nite


Alright guys we now have 8 people right now
The tournament will start on Sunday, August 14 @ 8:00 PM PST
I still need deck lists from
@ShealynMillay If I don’t receive your guys deck lists by then you guys will automatically lose your first round, if I then don’t get before the end of the first round you guys will be replaced.
Also some general rules for the tournament,

  1. If you’re inactive for one week you will automatically receive a loss for the round, if I don’t get a respond form you by the end of that round you will be replaced
  2. If your opponent is inactive, please pm me and tell me this, if your opponent doesn’t answer I will reward you with a win.
  3. Pairings for the next round will be posted an hour or two after the deadline for the next round has passed.
  4. Good luck and have fun.
  5. Rounds will be for one week minimum.


Just wanted to give you a reminder that you have 24 hours to send me a deck list or you will receive a loss


The deadline for results is Sunday, August 21st 9:00 PST, Games are best 2 of 3
@bkeldeo by random draw you have gotten a free win as @ShealynMillay didn’t turn in his deck list in time, @ShealynMillay I need your deck list by the deadline or you will be replaced
Alright guys first round pairings are

  1. @Ghazernado(0-1) vs. @Garchomponite (1-0)
  2. @yokai (1-0) vs. @timothy_wailordking (0-1)
  3. @tototavros (0-1) vs. @AustinTCG (1-0)
  4. @bkeldeo (1-0) vs. @ShealynMillay (0-1)


I won @timothy_wailordking. GG :slight_smile:


Alright @yokai I just need @timothy_wailordking confirmation.


He liked @yokai’s post in case you didn’t see.


My fault. I will update the pairings.