Tauros GX / Machamp EX / Lugia EX


Hey all. I have a deck list I have been playing and doing pretty well with, so I thought I would bring it to the forum to let this crew pick the list apart a bit. It is basically a modern play on the old Outrage decks. I have found it to be very formidable against most decks with a couple of exceptions. I don’t think it is a top 3 tier deck or anything like that, but I have played 90ish games so far against a wide variety of decks and it has held its own. I don’t have a dedicated crew to test against though, so I don’t know how well it will stand up to more stringent testing. I am planning on bringing it to a league challenge this weekend to see how it does in a tournament setting (albeit a smaller venue with more variance in deck selection).

Up front, I have tested with and without Shaymins and have found the Shaymins to be a fairly big hindrance to this particular deck. People are already doing anything they can to switch Tauros / Machamp out of the active in order to avoid doing damage to them and Shaymin is a natural and dangerous target to have benched. So, figured I would get that one out of the way. 0 Shaymins is a conscious choice in an effort to try to force a bad attack.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Pokémon - 10
3 Tauros-GX SUM 100
3 Machamp-EX AOR 37
2 Oranguru PR-SM SM13
2 Lugia EX AOR 68

Trainer Cards - 36
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Lysandre
1 Hex Maniac
1 Ninja Boy
1 Olympia
4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
4 Max Elixir
3 Escape Rope
1 Switch
1 Super Rod

4 Fighting Fury Belt

2 Chaos Tower
1 Parallel City

Energy - 14
10 Fighting Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy


I would cut the super rod, 1 Pokemon (your choice) and the switch for 3 trainers mail.


I had tried cutting other things for Trainer’s Mail previously with pretty limited success. That said, I tried cutting the Super Rod + the Switch per your suggestion and added 2 Trainer’s Mail (didn’t cut a Pokemon yet and am going to keep that in mind). So far, the results have been positive through a miniscule sample of a whopping 3 games LOL!

I think there is merit in the change though. The deck feels just a little bit more streamlined and until you suggested to remove Super Rod, I hadn’t really thought about how rarely I actually want to get pokemon / energy back out of my discard pile. Thinking back, it is quite rare simply because there aren’t many times where I have more than 3 pokemon benched with this deck anyway.

That’s a long winded (I embrace my failings) way of saying thanks for the tip and that I think it is going to be a very helpful one.


Bit of an update. I took this to a league challenge this weekend and ended 2-2.

First game was a loss against Rocks and Ruffs. I honestly think that is an auto loss for this deck because the Ruffs hit Tauros for weakness and the Rocks stop Lugia / Machamp from doing damage. It is a game where I was scrambling the entire time to get Lysandre / Hex and ultimately I just think it is an awful match up.

Second game was a win against Deciduplume. I have played 25ish games against Deciduplume. I haven’t lost any of them. This game proceeded like it normally does. Deciduplume player having to pick his poison on whether to hit Tauros or Machamp. Both are bad news and eventually the game ends badly for anything Deciduplume sets active.

Third game was a loss against M Gardevoir. Basically, I whiffed on a FFB on T1 and that was the game because my opponent was able to 1 shot my first Tauros T2. After that, I was behind in trades the rest of the game. It was a good game. It is also a tough match because it is essential to keep Machamp off the board unless there is an opportunity to Ninja Boy in for a quick KO to save Mad Bull GX for later.

Fourth game was a win against Eevelutions Espeon GX style. Oranguru ended up being pretty huge in this game as my opponent was working hard to avoid hitting into Tauros. The 130 (3 energy on Espeon + FFB) damage plays pretty big some games and this was one of them.

Overall, I was pleased with the performance of the deck. I wish there had been a larger field so I could get more competitive testing done with the deck, but from what I experienced in the tournament along with what I have seen while playing online, the deck stands up to almost anything in the format. Again, I don’t think it is a top 3 tier deck or anything, but I have been encouraged enough that I want to do more play testing and may end up taking it to a nearby upcoming league cup.


I’d assume your mega mewtwo matchup is bad. A mew could copy orangorus attack to kill a three energy mega. A mew EX could use more attacks that could most likely deal the damage simpler, but is an EX, giving the opponent an extra prize card.