"Tales of Times" – A Lesson on "Tilt" From Madison, State of the Meta, and Puzzling the State of Puzzle of Time


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As always, a fantastic article. I think this speaks to the stress of play at the highest level and even how players who people think of as Top-16 calibre may find themselves in situations where the moment gets the better of them. This was well-written and I hung on every word. Exciting stuff, although obviously sucky to hear.


Really enjoying the consistency of the ZoroGarb list. How do you find the Mew EX useful with so many other psychic attackers? It feels extraneous when I’d usually rather attack with Garb, Mewtwo or Latios.

Also why the 4 ultra, 1 mysterious treasure, 1 evo soda line? Seems like it could be flipped to have more treasure, or include more evo soda to get Zoroark.


Always proud to receive this sort of praise! Thank you very much and I hope to see you and the boys in Columbus.


I ended up using Mew EX quite a bit in the game where I beat Buzzswole but it did not come up in the game where I lost. Coincidence? Ha, it might be but I would agree that the Non-EXs are definitely better. I’m not a huge fan of Latios and think I may try Hoopa STS instead.

Four Ultra Ball is a must for obvious reasons and after that, playing one of each seemed better than two Soda or two Treasure but you could certainly toy around with it.