Sylveon-control (post rotation)


First of all, I am assuming Breakthrough-on. If not, I lose Puzzle of Time and we’ll work from there. But for sake of getting ideas together, here’s what I intend on running at the first League Cup I can get this to post rotation:


4 - Eevee
3 - Sylveon


4 - Team Flare Grunt
4 - Team Rocket’s Handiwork
4 - Delinquent
3 - Guzma
2 - Plumeria
2 - N
1 - Team Skull Grunt
4 - Max Potion
4 - Puzzle of Time
2 - Chaos Tower
2 - Parallel City
2 - Enhanced Hammer
2 - Field Blower
1 - Rotom Dex
1 - Captivating Poke Puff


12 - Fairy Energy
2 - DCE
See that Captivating Poke Puff? That’s my ace in the hole for winning a game.

As per guideline 9.3:

And if it goes to game 2:

The idea is to do what the deck does best: control and restrict resources. However, if you don’t have it already when you’re close on time, get Poke Puff out with 'Ribbon.

The idea is to have: it, Guzma, DCE in hand.

On your last turn of the final 3 turn, use Puff and drop down a basic that’s 110 or less. Guzma it up, DCE. Get a prize and win (as per end of match procedures).

Sounds a bit situational. But I figure it’s better than having no ace in the hole at all.

Any ideas? Thoughts?


Another n and another sylveon are musts, sylveon is your only attacker and with three, you can prize one and be screwed. Just some thoughts. Sylveon does seem pretty good next season.


The deck is still kicking! It’s not going to become big meta since it autoloses to Gardevoir, but it works really well against Zoroark decks (read as: every other deck in the current standard format). These new Zoroark decks aren’t running very many energy OR Special Charge. And the energy they do run is usually special; easily removed with E-Hammer. Remove enough energy from the game and you win. If they do get energy to attack they will not one-shot you. This list runs Max Potion and Acerola to deny 2HKOs.

Here’s Zander Bennett’s recent League Cup-winning list with one change:

8 Pokemon
4-4 Sylveon GX

38 Trainers
4 Team Flare Grunt
3 Delinquent
2 Acerola
2 Guzma
2 Lusamine
1 N
1 Gladion
4 Max Potion
4 Puzzle of Time
3 Crushing Hammer
2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Nest Ball
2 Bodybuilding Dumbells
1 Field Blower
1 Counter Catcher
4 Parallel City

14 Energy
12 Fairy

To restore Zander’s list card for card you can remove Gladion for a Crushing Hammer. However, 1 Gladion is great when running Puzzle of TIme and only 2 DCE. He decided to ditch Team Rocket’s Handiwork, saying that it’s more of a win-more card.

In all honesty this would be my #2 choice for Memphis if only as a hard meta call. If I wasn’t more confident and comfortable with my actual Memphis deck, I’d run this instead.

Here is Zander explaining his deck choices:

And here is a VoD that shows Zander winning the LC against a Zoroark/Buzzwole in the finals: