"Super Mario" – 2014 Brazilian Nationals 8th Place Masters Report

Background My season results until Nationals: 2x Regional Championship Top 2 1x Regional Championship Top 8 1x City Championship Top 2 1x League Challenge Top 4 With those scores I was past 300 CP and already qualified for the 2014 World Championship. This was important, as I was able to play my Nationals without the pressure of qualifying on my back. Deck Choice I had two choices: Plasma/Lugia or Virizion/Genesect. Blastoise quickly became the deck to defeat on our country, as it managed to get to several Regional finals around the world and people on our country are very influenced by the worldwide results. With this scenario, a lot of people…

Link: http://www.sixprizes.com/2014/05/07/super-mario-2014-brazilian-nationals-8th-place-masters-report/

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Great list, great player. i wish you good luck on world’s, gogo team nordeste XD