“Super Kid” – 1st Place Juniors US Nationals 2016 Tournament Report


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On Saturday night, my brother, dad and I were walking out of the hotel (I think the Hyatt) to go to dinner. My brother high-fived a man standing near the door. I asked him who he was and he said, “that’s Liam’s dad”. (My brother is Nathan F btw)

Missed my oppurtunity to say congratulations and introduce myself in person.

So, congrats to Liam!


Great article, but there’s one typo.
You said Aiden Y. is from California. I actually know that to be wrong, since Aiden is from Oregon. I playtest with him a lot. :wink:


Congrats to Liam and Walker. I loved observing the amount of comradery the juniors displayed with each other the entire weekend. Brent, you are a very interesting person to hang out with. Thank you so much for giving so much great publicity for these juniors.


Great Article Brent. I didn’t get a real chance to catch any of the games as my kids say they get overly nervous if I watch them. I’m actually very surprised to hear Aiden Y as feared as for most of the season he was considered a fluke winning Regionals in BC.

I’m very happy to see some of the juniors getting some publicly for all the hard work they put in.


Yeah, I don’t watch the games either. I hated in Top 8 when my son got set up facing me. I prefer him to be set up facing away from me because I don’t want him to even be able to see me during the round. But I interrogate my kids afterwards as I have written more and more tournament reports. If you go back and look at the record, you can see how over time my reports have gotten more detailed as my kids have gotten better at remembering the round and describing it after it happened. Further, you can see the difference in detail between my older and younger - My youngest is like, “I drew dead and lost, then he drew dead and lost, then he lost.” THANKS, MAN.

Excited to see what everybody will do at Worlds.

I wanted to add an interesting postscript, but I couldn’t figure out how to put it in the article: One thing I felt like, after the fact, was that my son felt like “he belonged” after his success. You can say that Aiden’s victory was a fluke, but despite my writing and love for my child, very few people probably “feared” him. Our prior success was really three Top 4s at Regionals. We were the “close but no cigar” people. I think he felt like he earned the right to hang out and play with Roan/Christian/Landon and have a voice that could be respected in their conversations where previously he was just the guy that always lost to them at key moments.

Now, I don’t think we “broke through” some mythical wall this weekend. We had a decent deck, we had decent matchups, and both my kids ran hot as heck. I think there is a lot of variance and we had a rare instance of taking advantage of it.

But it brought me pleasure to see my kids both so happy - my youngest rediscovering the joy of a card game and my oldest not wanting the weekend to end.


I read the clip you had on him when he played Walker since then he has felt more energetic on testing for Worlds now then before. After nationals run he felt a little dejected after missing cut due to the Swiss round resets.


And that feeling is better than the feeling of triumph when you’ve just won one of the biggest tournaments of the year.


Glad to hear that Aiden is motivated by hearing about how good he is. USA vs. the WORLD! Look forward to seeing his success in San Francisco.


Strong article. Interesting read! Great analysis of why certain cards are in the deck and possible alternates. Giratina EX getting knocked out is a two prize loss. Are the effects of Chaos Wheel and Renegade Pulse worth the prize difference? With Garbador on the bench you may not get to use Renegade Pulse. If the dragon Pokémon are merely for stacking DDEs on, what do you think about using Black Kyurem (XY80) or White Kyurem (XY81)? Only 120 HP but not a two card loss upon knock out.


Chaos Wheel is extraordinarily strong, probably critical, in the Night March matchup or other matchups where the other person relies heavily on special energy. Further, Renegade Pulse is helpful for matchups like MRay, MMan or Primal Groudon - you simply don’t set up Garb in those battles. Dark Pulse is unlikely to get you there in those matchups, so a Pokemon that they have to Hex to hit through can help swing the game. Plus, using Chaos Wheel in conjunction with smart stadium play can change matchups as well. A well-timed Chaos Wheel combined with a Parallel City can prevent a Trevenant deck from attacking for a turn (Although a few Dark Pulses typically end that game), prevent a metal deck from benching an army of Bronzor, prevent Vileplume from hitting the board or Vespiquen attacking and lock down MRay from going crazy on you. The tool effect could lock a mega deck out of their Spirit Links and we saw situations in the tournament report where preventing the opponent from attaching FFBs to Shaymin allowed my son to Lysandre and Chaos Wheel them for a string of knock-outs.

I don’t think you would want to invest a lot of energy in a less resilient Pokemon when you can load up a powerful attacker. The 2 prize card loss is mitigated by the high HPs of Giratina and Chaos Wheel lets you have a less linear strategy vs. other dragon Pokemon that have less meaningful attacks.

The fact that the DDEs interact synergistically with Darkrai is icing on the cake. Giratina is a strong attacker in a metagame with lots of FFB and special energy.


Great article, and I concur with Nick. Watching the camaraderie amongst the Juniors was special. I’m glad 6P took a chance on having a Pokedad write about the game, it has been great all year and I hope the new job still allows you some time to write in the new season.


Renegade pulse does not stop primal groudon, as it is not considered a mega


Yes it does. Primal Groudon EX has “Mega” written in the spot where the type of evolution it is would be, therefore Primal Groudon EX is considered a Mega. This may be different in the VG, but not in the TCG.


Ah just noticed that. Although why does it consider it as a primal reversion?


It’s considered a Primal because it doesn’t require a Mega Stone to revert. But that’s a whole other subject that I’d rather not go into here.


Oh so there is literally no difference between the 2 in the card game


Yes, there is no difference.


@bhalliburton Tell your son congrats for me! I was gonna walk up and introduce myself after he won, but it looked like you guys were busy. Hopefully we’ll meet at Worlds.