Sun & Moon [ENG] // Collection Sun and Collection Moon SM1 [JPN]

There seems to be no Alola equivalent of Kalos Starter Set, probably due to November being the release month of the video games (rather than October for X and Y).

Will we eventually find any Tool-removing Trainer card in the Collections?

Looks like we are getting some sm cards in November with release is a box set

I’m also interested to see if there will be any changes (aside from GX Pokemon) to the core game rules, particularly in regards to set up, first-turn balancing, etc…

Lurantis-GX will evolve from regular Fomantis, suggesting that Pokemon-GX will probably be a rebranded version of Pokemon-ex from the RSE and FRLG series, in the same way that Pokemon LV.X from the DPP series has been rebranded as Pokemon BREAK.

Thats huge!! Also thats a preeeety good pokemon.

[spoiler]So, Solgaleo and Lunala are stage 2s. [/spoiler]

That’s weird. But cool.
But also really annoying because I’d have to play a 1-0-1 line to splash it in. Oh well :cry:

Welp, that just made them about 10 times worse.


Don’t lose hope, in the video games cosmog and cosmoe (pre evolutions) don’t have any attacking moves. Let’s just see where the goes in the tcg.

Yea but it made the format 10 times better

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Set list of Sun & Moon leaked:

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Yes I’m aware it’s been months since I posted here.

I’m actually really excited for this set. Nothing sticks out as potentially overpowered (Alola-Muk is held in check by the fact that it’s basic hate in what looks to be an evolution format), and we’re finally heading back towards an evo format. Yay!

Though nothing really sticks out as being a potential new archetype either.

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Leaf stuff could be really good. Lurantis (is that how you spell it?) has great energy acceleration, and can do lots of damage with it’s GX attack. With trevenant ex possibly? I don’t know what it would go with but I think it could create a good archetype.

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I was thinking maybe a Dragonite ROS, delta plus maybe, with it being paired with the [G][L] accelerator and maybe lurantis.

Depending on the wording of Decidueye-GX’s ability, it might be kinda scary. It does 20 damage,every turn, to a Pokemon of your choice. Golbat PHF, but every turn, not every time it comes into play. The GX attack is cool but not worrying (although w/ Hammers it could be funny, if you flip well). But, with Shiinotic, you can T1 get a Morelull then Shiinotic w/ Nest Ball/Timer Ball (level ball for basics, dual ball for evolutions, respectively) then fetch a Morelull or Shiinotic (whichever you’re missing to fetch another, which then starts your chain for Decidueye chain, gaining you one of the best Evo engine in the game (All being based on FoGP, of course). This would permit auto 80 damage per turn w/ 90 for [G][C][C], but I’d personally go for some sort of disruptive attack or a wall (too bad Robo Subs are not legal any more). This gives you an auto-win against evo decks, unless they chain Hex against you, but that would be kinda insane.

Shiinotic will also be incredibly good with Serperior, Yanmega, and Beedrill, each allowing for a much easier streaming system, each with more than enough bench space. I can imagine a 2-2 or 3-3 line easily added to my Beedrill deck. Timer and Nest balls will also be quite welcome, as Ultra Ball is often costly in Evo decks.

Deducieye could get banned from expanded if somebody is able to get it down 9 times T1 w/ superscoop up/Az/devolution spray/scoopupcyclone/recycle/puzzles. It could basically run a shiftry engine, and hope to donk people T1.

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Doubtful. The Shiftry Engine was only able to work about 4-5 times irrc. Cool idea, though. Besides, 9 times assumes an EX start and only one EX. What if somebody starts Yveltal-EX, Darkrai-EX? However, if the non-EXs start to be a big thing, this could work.