Substitute Robot ruling question (Phantom Forces)

Can you play Subststute robot to the bench? If you already have an active and go to play the card, do you switch your active pokemon with it? Or can it only be played in the start of the game?

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The English translation was revealed, and it says you can only put it on your Bench, just like a normal Basic. The whole “put this into play as your Active Pokemon” was a mistake on the translation.

The English translation:

Play this card as if it were a 30 HP [C] Basic Pokemon. …

This implies that you would bench it when you played it.

Assuming the ruling of Poke Doll stands for this similar card, you can’t start with it.

This implies that you cannot play it from your hand to the active spot at all.

At our prerelease, the judges said “It has to be played to the Bench and promoted. It does NOT bump out a card that is in the active spot.” Came up a couple of times during our Booster Draft.

But it can start the game in the Active Slot. It has the same text as Claw Fossil, which was considered a Pokemon that could open the game when I took the Professor test two months ago.

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As an FYI, this is incorrect. You cannot start Robo Substitute.

Wait a sec. Can you point to the Compendium update where it says that Robo Substitute is not able to start the game? I checked the latest Compendium, and didn’t find an update for this …

I did find this, though.

Q. At the beginning of the game, can I start with a Mysterious/Claw/Root
Fossil as my Active Pokémon even if I have another “real” Pokémon on
the bench?

A. Yes, you can start with a Fossil Trainer card as your Active Pokémon, at the start of the game. (Oct 2, 2003 PUI Rules Team)

Big Daddy Snorlax posted that the answer was still valid on the Professor forums in March this year (and I remember the question well, since I tanked it hard the first time I wrote the Professor exam)!

Why would Robo Substitute be different from Claw Fossil which is able to start in the Active Pokemon at the start of the game?

After a lengthy discussion at our prerelease this weekend with our judges, we came to the conclusion that Robo Substitute would not be able to start a game. While it’s in your hand it is classified as a item card and not a basic pokemon, but once you play it down onto your bench it is now a 30HP basic.

It was ruled at prereleases around here and around the country. I wish Facebook posts could be cited, but alas.

Clefairy Doll is the most applicable ruling, despite the text on the Fossil. I wouldn’t disagree with you that textual analysis suggests similarity to Claw Fossil. However, ever since BW, it’s seemed to be a Base Set Renaissance.

I see you’ve posted on the Pokegym; I hope you find a satisfactory answer there.

Thanks, KPiplup. I don’t use Facebook at all, so I’ve clearly missed out on this discussion in a different forum!

If the rules team ultimately concludes that Robo Substitute is a Clefairy Doll instead of a Claw Fossil and follows the original Compendium rulings, that’s all fine with me.

In either case it needs to be made explicit that it is handled one way or the other. The ruling on Claw Fossil and the ruling on Clefairy Doll directly contradict each other, and if a player argues one way or the other, I’d like to point to the Rules Team ruling and say “this is the new ruling”.

If confronted with the situation in a league challenge, the only way I could rule is that the latest ruling (Claw Fossil) is the most relevant precedent in this case.

Thankfully, nobody will face this reality for another month. Definitely a benefit of the 21-day rule.

And PokePop has ruled in favor of KPiplup.


Since its played as a pokemon when KO’d it will allow for Drudigon “revenge” but once in discard it’s an item so no Flareon “vengeance”. Sound right?

If ti did play as a pokemon in the discard I would celebrate!!! :slight_smile: But robo substitute will have to tell us… hope it counts!!! :wink:

As it stands It is not able to go active at the start of the or be placed on the bench in the same way, your able to then be place on the bench. It is able to be sniped and be affected by special condition is the same way as a pokemon. It does not count toward flareons vengeance or attack of such nature it is able to be the last pokemon on the field ( don’t quote me never tried it myself online)
You can attach energy and tools on it the same way as normal and can be lifted from play any time you like!