"Striking Golduck" A rather rogue Birmingham Regionals report


Right, guys. This tournament was pretty good, considering what had happened. I was pretty confident going into the week before the event, as I knew I was going to play Serperior/Victini and had had some solid testing with it. However, on the Wednesday before the event, I discovered that I’d misread Victini’s ability and that I couldn’t use it for reflipping coins on Abilities. I tried a quick game with some other random deck, and got absolutely destroyed by Golduck/Starmie. I had most of the cards to make the Golduck deck, so I decided that as I had no other option I might as well copy my online opponent’s deck and run Golduck for the Regionals. Here is the list that I played:
4 Psyduck SUM
4 Golduck SUM
2 Staryu EVO
2 Starmie EVO
2 Remoraid BKT (Ion pool)
2 Octillery BKT
3 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Lysandre
2 Skyla
1 Professor Kukui
4 Dive Ball
4 Level Ball
2 Vs Seeker
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Choice Band
2 Float Stone
1 Field Blower
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Rescue Stretcher
2 Brooklet Hill
8 Water Energy
4 Splash Energy
Well, here we go. Here’s the report…
R1 vs. ??? w/Bunnelby PRC/Techs(0,0,0)
I can’t even describe the techs he played because they were so weird. However, it was a basic mill deck and I felt that I could confidently beat it due to the fact that Starmie could easily recycle my energy. In Game 1 I took 5 prizes fairly easily before almost stalling out on energy when he promoted his Wobbuffet PHF and having to Scratch my way to the win. In Game 2 he got an amazing Team Rocket’s Handiwork discarding the only Octillery I had in deck, but he didn’t draw well after that and I could win fairly easily.
R2 vs. Dhillon P. w/Waterbox(1,0,0)
This was a deck that really came to life during the weekend. It was more or less an Aqua Patch rebirth of the old Waterbox deck. In Game 1 I took 4 prizes fairly easily but then promoted his Glaceon EX and I couldn’t find the Lysandres to win, so I lost. In Game 2 he went for Glaceon right away, but I found the Lysandres to get around him. In Game 3 I won with…CONFUSION WAVE. Yeah really. He went for Glaceon but I confused him, he flipped 2 tails in a row and I could then stream KOs.
R3 vs. ???w/Mega Mewtwo Y(2,0,0)
Here’s a question for you: Why on earth would a Mega Mewtwo player want to go second?
That’s exactly what my opponent did. He won the flip and went second. I traded KOs with him but then Lysandred his Choice Banded Hoopa and was able to take the win. Game 2 I was able to avoid Damage Change and trade prizes evenly. Woop woop!!!
R4 vs. Kyle G. w/Lurantis GX/Lurantis PR(2,0,1)
Auto loss matchups! :frowning: This one speaks for itself really. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO BEAT LURANTIS WITH GOLDUCK IT IS AN AUTOLOSS MATCHUP OK!!!
R5 vs. Kiera w/Turbo Darkrai EX(3,1,0)
My opponent SLOW PLAYED. I win Game 1 after being able to trade prizes evenly. However, in Game 2 I drew into the following hand: 3 Golduck and a Sycamore. Come on. I was completely deprived of Golduck so I lost. In Game 3 my opponent slow played and it went to a tie.
R6 vs. Connor J. w/Garbodor/Espeon GX(3,1,1)
BDIF? But not for long! If there’s one thing Golduck beats, it’s Garbodor. Throughout the series, I managed to be able to minimise my Item count. Psybeam has little to no effect due to Golduck’s free retreat cost. Both games were fairly easy for me to win.
R7 vs. Logan M. w/Decidueye GX/Alolan Ninetales GX(4,1,1)
The dream is over. This match was fairly terrible for me. Logan controlled both games. The damage spread, plus the combo with Espeon EX, was too much for me to deal with. The matchup was extremely harsh. That’s about it, really. :frowning:
4-2-1, 15th place, +60CP.
36 points off the invite, I could miss it by 1 if I am to make Top 4 at a Cup!
PS I now have 2 Tapu Leles :slight_smile: