Streight Yveltal (deck list + strategy video)

[B]Hi i want to show you my deck idea with streight Yveltal. We made also strategy video about this deck, there we will show you full deck, strategy and also few battles so i hope you will enjoy it.[/B]

4 Mini Yveltal
4 Yveltal EX

3 Bicycle
1 Computer search
3 Crushing hammer
2 Enhanced hammer
3 Hypnotoxic laser
1 Prof.letter
1 Starling megaphone
1 Switch
4 Ultra ball
2 VS seeker
2 Colress
3 Lysandre
4 N
4 Prof. Juniper
2 Virbank city gym
2 Float stone
3 Muscle band

7 Darkness energy

[B]Strategy video -[/B]

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