Stoutland BCR Variants // BCR-on

This was a topic in the old forums, before the new rotation. The game has changed a lot since then, so maybe we can make something of Stoutland. I’ll provide a skeleton list to work with.

Deck List:

Pokemon: 14
4 Stoutland BCR
2 Herdier BCR
4 Lilipup BCR
2 Virizion EX
1 Celebi EX
1 Mewtwo EX

Supporters: 14
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
2 Skyla
2 Pokemon Fan Club
2 Ghetsis

Items/Tools: 20
4 Rare Candy
3 Ultra Ball
2 Startling Megaphone
2 Switch
2 Float Stone
1 Escape Rope
1 Sacred Ash
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Scramble Switch

3 Training Center

Energy: 12
8 Grass

Deck Ideas:


  • A turn 2 Stoutland provides a Supporter lock on the opponent. Gothitelle and Trevenant were deadly for this when they were more popular. Now the new Seismitoad EX is doing the same. Using this concept, Stoutland severely slows down opponents when they can’t refresh their hands.

  • Virizion-EX functions as a protection from LaserBank and can also function as energy acceleration in certain matchups.

  • Celebi EX is optional and is used for Lillipup BCR’s “Roar” attack, which is a pseudo-catcher for 1 energy.

  • Mewtwo EX is a compatible with the DCEs and acts as a counter to Lucario and potentially Seismitoad if you’re unable to Rare Candy for the Stoutland early enough.


  • A standard line of 4 Junipers and 4 N
  • Skyla is important for Rare Candy mostly
  • Pokemon Fan Club is a replacement for the now defunct Level Ball
  • Ghetsis is the oddball here, but allows interesting plays with Stoutland!


  • Mostly standard list of items. Note that 2 Megaphones are included for Garbodor.

  • Muscle Band and Silver Bangle don’t hit for magic numbers here (110 and 120 respectively). Deck space can be conserved for other cards while committing to 2HKOs. An optional play is Silver Bangle + LaserBank but that caps out at 150 and takes significant deck space.

  • Scramble Switch is for fun. Computer Search is probably better.


  • The Double Colorless energies are self-explanatory
  • Grass Energies allows for compatibility with Virizion EX and, in rare cases, Celebi EX. Alternatives would be Dark energy for Darkrai’s free retreats or Rainbow/Fairy for some kind of fairy transfer hybrid.

Share your thoughts! This deck idea isn’t originally mine. Changes are welcome.

How about Donphan/Stoutland?

Donphan/Stoutland could work, in theory.

Training Center gets Stoutland to 170 and delicious Max Potion spam.


I just want to throw This idea out there to get some feedback:
Stoutland BCR line
Bronzong Phantom Gate 2-2 (Maybe 3-3?)
Dialga EX PHG 1
Mewtwo EX 1

The idea here is the stoutland supporter lock combined with the energy acceleration of Bronzong. 1 Dialga ex as an EX counter and seldom 150 damage need. (can be powered up in one turn with a DCE and 2 bronzongs) Not necessary to the strategy however.
Mewtwo also feeds off the bronzongs as a counter to mewtwo and fighting types that are prevelant.

I’d like some ideas on this deck? Thanks!

Bronzong can definitely work with Stoutland. I don’t have a set of Bronzong to test with right now, though.

I have the feeling it will be a slow start deck. I’ll see about getting some copies of Brongzong.

The most success I have had with Stoutland has been by getting one up early and attacking for 90 each turn with Stoutland itself. Not the easiest thing to do and has only gotten more difficult. Stack attackers like Yveltal EX and Mewtwo EX wreck and even if you get a good lock on them, they can be just an energy or two away from knocking Stoutland out. Hitting tails on Wild Tackle can be devastating, each one dropping Stoutland into easier and easier math.

I would try to slow down these hard hitters and run Stoutland with energy deletion. Supporter lock and energy deletion, trying to take 2HKOs while preventing your opponent from hitting with bigger attacks allowing more time for more Stoutlands to get set up.

Eggs may be a dead deck thanks to Shaymin EX, but Stoutland is still hanging around right? Winona thinks that’s pretty cool too.

Edit: Another cool Stoutland list here.

Looks like Eric Nance has inspired others!

In Action Too!

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