States meta with breakpoint legal


For some reason, yes. Also, Virginia and Delaware are on the same day.


Aww that sucks. I’ll probably go to PA.


I’ve only got two on the books: Michigan and Ontario.

Anyone else going?


Well, I can’t attend Seattle for family reasons, but I can go to BC. Who’s coming to that one?


i’m going to oregon, bc, and idaho. I would go to washington, but I’m going out to Spokane to tour Gonzaga and Boise State during spring break, so I’m going to Idaho states instead.


Here is a online State Championship.

This can make a definitive list of good vs bad.


I wouldn’t exactly call an online tournament on tcgone with 8 players a good option for definitive lists of decks, but it wouldn’t be a horrible start


At least I’m trying to pretend to be trying.
Cmon, join it.


If discussion is still happening about where we are going, I’m for sure going to Iowa and Wisconsin, most likely Illinois, and maybe Minnesota. Feel free to say “hi” if you see me friendos.


This is jumping back a bit, but I have something to add to this.

Play as little pokemon as you can.
Have 1 high HP pokemon in play, and when it gets close to being KO’ed, drop another on your bench.


Benefits of living in New England: I’m going to Maine, New Hampshire, Conneticut, and Massachusetts, and will never have to drive more than 5 hours round trip. If any of you are there, feel free to introduce yourselves!


Lucky duck.

5 hour trip to some little town in Michigan, then 1 hour drive to Brampton in Ontario.


Lol, I plan on trying to attend at least one of those, not sure which. (I’ll be the one guy with the gimmick deck)


Going to MN, WI, and Iowa, @Dweinhardt. Any thoughts on WI/ iowa meta?


Sorry, meant seniors format, as I am one.


@Butt3rBob an I are going to Texas states, and I will also be attending Oklahoma. Feel free to say hi to the kid in the Rangers Baseball T-shirt. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Iowa meta is literally whatever I play along with my 2 testing partners, and Wisconsin is gonna be largely based off of what we see do well in Illinois


I found Raikou with Rough Seas obliterates this deck. Trev Break does 10 then you heal and regular Trev does 40 then heal to 10.


Break puts three damage counters, not thirty damage. So I bypasses shining body.


Still, Rough seas is the Exact reversal of Silent Fear