Starting a TCG team

i am not on face book i would prefer to use 6p pm

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I would love to join this. Don’t have Facebook

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Mwahahahahah. Like attack. 5 in a row. The only thing stopping me from 6 is my own post. XD :wink:

Okay well here are our options:
-create a new thread on here just for us
-create a facebook group
-use ChatStep
-Use the old forums
-something else

Leave your vote down below and I’ll count them up tomorrow. I’m also thinking team S.P.A.R.T.A. (Six Prizes American Region Trainer Alliance)

unless someone here is from across the pond, in which case we can accommodate.

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Community Blog all the way :stuck_out_tongue:

If no one else agrees, I guess I could make a facebook account.

new tread on here 202020202

I’ll join this. The more TCG discussion the better!
(Yes, I am swarm as well)

I am definitely in favor of the community blog idea, and I think we should do that along with a discussion option, such as a PM with our teammates or a Facebook group. One for private discussion, one for publishing results/ideas.

I’m not from the US. :frowning: I’m a Brit all the way!

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I could test with you on PTCGO

I don’t really know what defines a team, but eh I’m just looking to practice with people. has become dull to me. It was fun for awhile but really its just completely random, nothing holds any structure at all.

It’s a fun way to waste time I guess when there isn’t anything better to do.

I say a thread for us.

I don’t know I would say IIRC is a not a bad option since nobody needs to install software, just make a channel, structure the match-ups, techs, defined tiers and just start testing them on PlayTCG.Me, I mean is fine I dont really think the advantage and weakness being shown in the match-up is really all that useful.

I like TCGOne. It has tons of potential.

S-P-O-I-N-K. Six-Prizes-Outstanding-Ingenious-Nerd-Kids :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. That ist so great, and kind of odd, but it came to me just now. I like a SPARTA, but for across the pond people, I was trying to come up with something pokemon themes and not strictly American. Anyone have other (better) ideas?

TableTop Simulator looks good for what it’s worth, its not a free application, there is just a Mod that allows you to add pokemon Card Scans, so actual work would have to be put into it.

The mod is listed here, I still see $15 an application off of steam a much better deal than code cards.

Wait, so what would this be for? For testing games? Because I don’t see why we wouldn’t just use PlayTCG for that. Or am I missing something…


Not really it was just a suggestion, since steam already offers good forms of communication, the fact that it takes minimal effort to update is cool. Just not realistic.

I think twitch wouldn’t be a bad idea for 3rd person perspective either.

Wellll… Making a new PM Every. Single. Time. You add someone else to the discussion is absolutely ridiculous (and just another reason why we should have kept the old forums).