Standard (XY-On) TCGOne Tournament-ROUND 2 PAIRINGS UP!


Can we please have some more results in please?


Can we please get in more results or the tournament will have to stop.


Who are we waiting on anyways?


In fact, I think that everyone has either played their round or had a bye. Will post Round 2 pairings tomorrow, when I’ve got time.


Sorry I’m a bit late!
Round 2 pairings:
@sableyeman2002 (1,0,0) vs. @Ocre307 (1,0,0)
@jamie177 (1,0,0) vs. @RisingRaichu (1,0,0)
@stmlacek1 (1,0,0) vs. @onlyinAMERICA (1,0,0)
@Suicuneisthebest (1,0,0) vs. @thegrovylekid (0,1,0)
@Chipadat (0,1,0) vs. @linguae (0,1,0)
If I got any results wrong please post on the thread. Same rules apply as for Round 1.
Enjoy your matches!


Has anyone got any results yet?


Have any matches been played yet?


OK, so we have some problems with inactivity here, as I know I have experience regarding my opponent not replying to PM messages. If this continues to occur, I may have to close the tournament. So please can we try and be as active as possible when trying to work out match times.


I’ve PM’d my opponent and he/she never responded.


Same with me. I PM’d them several times with no response.


My opponent and I never seem to be available at the same times.


I also haven’t heard from him in 21 days.


Same with me I haven’t got any response


Going to have to drop. Almost everything in my area is Expanded so I don’t really need to play standard.


Ok, that’s fine, @Suicuneisthebest will get a bye then.


I’m also going to have to drop as well :(.


Ok, that’s fine, I will give a bye to @Chipadat.


Let me tell you here: Who has not played their games?
Very soon, I want to post Round 3 pairings so please can you tell me who has not played yet, so we know who we are waiting for. Thanks! :slight_smile:


This has been inactive on too long and it’s clear that most of the players have dropped. Unfortunately I’ll have to be locking it. Feel free to take another spin with another tournament, though.

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