Standard (XY-On) TCGOne Tournament-ROUND 2 PAIRINGS UP!


There’s a wonderful thing called a private message.


I will be available most evenings this week. (GMT)
Also, as @bluezune and @DatPiplup have dropped out, @stmlacek1 and @Chipadat will play each other.


I will post my list ASAP @ccloughley, if I can’t I might have to drop since I’m so busy IRL.


No hurry, I’m quite busy too and haven’t posted my list but I will try to do so later today.


Can everyone try and play their games by the end of today?
Post results on the thread.


@Suicuneisthebest ended up winning; I couldn’t draw any card drawing for the life of me :frowning:


Lost to @onlyinAMERICA, some of the worst dead draw I’ve ever seen.


We have 2 match results in already: let’s aim to get even more!
Next round starts as soon as we have all the results in.


Conceding to @jamie177, I seriously dropped the ball when it came to arranging our time, and don’t think I’ll be able to play today.


I won my match with @Chipadat


Is this tournament still a thing or nah?


Yes, it is still going hopefully more results will be in soon.


Dropping. Really sorry @RisingRaichu, but I haven’t been able to find much time at all recently and don’t want to commit to any future matches.


@RisingRaichu Sorry, but I think I have to drop as well. I only have a small bit of free time, and I try to test for Cities then, so I don’t want to hold up the tournament.


Dropping ;(
Sorry, I don’t have as much time as I thought I would.


All these people dropping, does this mean I win?
Joking but no ones left :frowning:


I’m still here. I was (jokingly) thinking the same thing. How many are even left?


Since @CrsMrk, @ccloughley and @XtremeFate have all dropped, @sableyeman2002, @Ocre307 and myself all get auto-wins.


oh, wow. Sorry about the list being late I have lots going on irl.


im still here and i actually played my match

I dont think anyone has clearly won just yet