Standard (XY-On) TCGOne Tournament-ROUND 2 PAIRINGS UP!


i like this idea we can see what everyone dong after we decided


Is it possible to change your deck or am I stuck with the one I turned in?


You will be allowed to change your deck, but you must submit a new list.


Not long now boys/girls!


Deadline for lists on Saturday!
My list:
1 Registeel AOR
2 Lugia EX AOR
3 Bronzor PHF
3 Bronzong PHF
2 Heatran PHF
2 Aegislash EX
2 Shaymin EX
1 Ace Trainer
2 Lysandre
4 Professor Birch’s Observations
1 Teammates
2 AZ
4 Professor Sycamore
2 Level Ball
4 Ultra Ball
2 Switch
3 Vs. Seeker
3 Battle Compressor
3 Muscle Band
2 Steel Shelter
8 Metal Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy


Tomorrow is the deadline for decklists, and I still need lists from most players. Can anyone who hasn’t already sent me a list please send one by the end of tomorrow?
I still need lists from:



Sent you mine brother <3


What will happen if a player doesn’t submit their decklist, out of curiosity?


Can anyone who hasn’t posted their list please post to me ASAP.


OK, time for Round 1 Pairings!
@ccloughley vs. @sableyeman2002
@jamie177 vs. @tototavros
@Ocre307 vs. @XtremeFate
@stmlacek1 vs. @DatPiplup
@thegrovylekid vs. @onlyinAMERICA
@Chipadat vs. @bluezune
@RisingRaichu vs. @CrsMrk
@Suicuneisthebest vs. @linguae
You have until next saturday to play Round 1. (You can do this by arranging a time to play with your opponent on this thread)
Please post your results on the thread.
Anyone who hasn’t sent a list to me should please post it to me ASAP. If anyone spots that someone has an illegal card in their deck, please report it on the thread.
Best of luck!


I forgot to drop out earlier, but I will be dropping out because of IRL stuffs. Sorry for the inconvenience, and good luck to the rest of the players!


I guess I get a bye then


You know what, I think I am gonna drop too. Too busy and don’t really want to test this format either. Sorry guys.


@Ocre307 When can you play?


Probably sometime Tue-Thurs, depends on the HW layout. Is this okay?


@RisingRaichu When are you available?


Can I join this tournament?


Just a possibility: It’s very useful to use PM to organize when you play your games so as not to clutter up the thread.


I might end up dropping. I really need to spend my time testing other formats. I’d be more than happy to let @troller100 take my spot.


Well he was my opponent so I’m assuming I get an automatic win then.