Standard (XY-On) TCGOne Tournament-ROUND 2 PAIRINGS UP!


I might as well join for the fun of it. Count me in!


My question is: When BREAKthrough comes out, are we allowed to change our decks? Or is this going to be XY-AOR for the whole thing?


As far as I know, Xy-AOR for the entire tournament.


It will be XY-AOR for the entire tournament.


If this is online via PTCGO add me in :slight_smile:


It is on TCGOne, which is a free online simulator. Feel free to still participate :smiley:


I’ll try download it tonight, put me in for now. :smiley:


No, you actually play it in a web browser


Oh snap, Awesome. Thanks for the advice buddy.


Glad to help :smiley:


1 place remaining, so 1 player can still participate.


I’m in. 202020202020


deck list time ???


Do you know when Tyrantrum EX is going to be on TCG One, because I would like to try the deck to see if I want to play it for the tournament but I don’t see the card at all on the site.


“November 14th- Deadline for decklists. (All decklists MUST be sent to [RisingRaichu] by that point.)”–in the OP


OK, so we have all the players for this tournament.
Final confirmed players:

  1. @RisingRaichu
    Now, decklist sending is open. Deadline is November 14th. (Obviously, if we get everyone’s list before November 14th, we will start the rounds.)
    You can either PM the lists to me, or post them on the thread.


Also, as I can’t PM lists to myself, should I post them on the thread?


Just post your list because you have all of ours. Then it’s fair when we play against you.


I agree, I’ll post my list to you day before, as yet undecided on ratios, card choices etc.
Want until the last minute. :smiley:


OK. Will post my list a few days before the deadline.:slight_smile: