Standard (XY-On) TCGOne Tournament-ROUND 2 PAIRINGS UP!


Hi, guys! Decided to create a TCGOne tournament in the Standard (XY-On) format, as my Autumn Regionals will not be Expanded. 16 people may participate in the tournament, we will have 4 rounds of single game Swiss, then a best-of-three Top Cut of 4.
Here is the time schedule for the tournament:
October 3rd (the day I created this) -Signups open.
October 31st -Signups close (If we get 16 people before then, signups will close earlier, if we haven’t got 16 people by October 31st, we will carry on anyway.)
November 1st- Decklists open.
November 14th- Deadline for decklists. (All decklists MUST be sent to me by that point.)
November 15th- Round 1 begins
November 21st- Deadline for Round 1 (Round 1 MUST be played by this point)
November 22nd- Round 2 begins
November 28th- Deadline for Round 2
November 29th- Round 3 begins
December 5th- Deadline for Round 3
December 6th- Round 4 begins
December 12th- Deadline for Round 4
December 13th- Top Cut announced via this thread, Top 4 begins
December 19th- Deadline for Top 4
December 20th- Finals players announced, Final begins.
As soon the final is over, the winner will be announced via this thread.
Hope we get some participants and likes!


Sure I’ll sign up!!!


Does this also include BreakThrough? Just asking because if you postpone it a few day we could also play with Breakthrough on TCGOne (I think, correct me if i’m wrong)

Either way, I’m in.


If the release date is early November, we wont get it in time


I’m in. Why not, right?


I’ll sign up…tournaments are always awesome


Why not. I’ll join :slight_smile:


I’m in! I play as TurboTepig on TCGOne.


Just to confirm: BreakThrough will not be legal for this tournament.


I’ll sign up for the tournament.


I’ll sign up too. Should be fun.


And the schedhule is a really good idea. Makes the process much more streamlined.


I would like to compete i have an intresting deck to try


There’s still room right? If there’s still room I’d like to join.


There’s still 4 or 5 places, depending on whether Jirachi123 decides to play.


I’d like to join then, please.


I’m not in. Should’ve clarified.


I is in! :smiley: Vespiquen is my man! (err, woman. all vespiquen are female)


OK, so there are 13 days to go until signups close, and there are still 4 places available. If we do not get 16 players by October 31st, we will start the tournament anyway.


I’m in, sounds like a fun tournament!