Splashable fire attacker?

I am looking for a splashable fire attacker that workes much like the magearna ex did for some giratina variants earlier this season. It needs to hit numbers close to 120 and it needs to be basic (maybe stage 2 if its not super cluncy). It should try to focus of a double clourless and a basic fire or just one of the two parts. I am trying to make a new giratina variants and i need ways to counter the stream of constant decidueye plume. I know the requirements are strict but anything helps <3

Magearna-EX tech as an attacker is something which I havn’t seen in giratina variants, they are a bit under the radar at the moment in general though. Fire is currently an underwhelmingly boring type: all fire basics have water weakness and they are no splashable fire type attackers. What variants are you playing specifically?

Sample list from last year (XY-BKP):


i am playing a version that plays 2 giratina, 2 salamence, 1 tauros gx, 1 lugia ex and 1 fire attacker. these attckers are teamed up with garb to win against a lot of the meta now. i also play hammers to slow things down and 1 hydregion non ex when i am not using garb so that i can set up a lot faster against decks like turbo dark where garb is useless.

and the magearna ex was teced in garb hammers versions that did not hae a good matchup with mega gardie, one of the biggest decks at the time. :slight_smile:

I think the best way to combat decidueye plume with your deck is to use Team Flare Grunt to remove Double Colorless. I think a fire attacker would be extremely clunky, while TFG can also play into your deck’s strategy.

Chaos Wheel and Parallel City is a great way to counter Decidueye, especially before they’ve set up evolutions. Team Flare Grunt helps by keeping Giratina alive longer by preventing them from attacking. Lugia needs 2 turns to power up under the lock, too.


I don’t think this beats volcanion, you can’t rely on salamence as a good player will assume it could exist during game 1 when they see you are playing tina; game 2 and 3 they’ll play around it for sure. I’d also love to play this with my xerneas break ; ) .
Abusing reshiram for energy support with flareon-EX becomes quite a tight list if you want to get all you can out of reshiram, so you’d probably have to sacrifice hammers and/or garbodor for that engine.

I got that much, I just didn’t think it was a very practical counter, especially as it requires you to play [M].

I presume you mean giratina right?

Also, from the sound of things, your deck runs out of attackers against anything it doesn’t counter: e.g. golduck?
Xander makes some very useful points about Decidueye’s weaknesses.

I do not mean giratina non ex, i mean hydregon. The reason is that i can power up my salamence in one turn if it was recently knocked out. I play garb aswell so i dont think giratina promo has any place in this deck (but i obvously har the hydregion and the garb in different matchups) . And i do not see golduck as a treath because it is not played a lot in my area and it has a very bad matchup against both turbotina and decidueye plume whitch are the top decks at my place. Thanks for the reply anyways:)

Thanks for the answer this helps alot:). The salamence counter from good players is indeed a problem. Do you think i should play 2 TMG and 1 salamence ex (i have been trying out 2)? Maybe i should publish the list so that you can give advice?

If you post the list I’ll try to critique, keep in mind I’ve never touched the deck or seen a list before. I think that 1 Salamence is definitely enough. I don’t think 2 Team Flare Grunt is necessary, but I also wouldn’t run too many Enhanced Hammer. Enhanced Hammer doesn’t hit too many energies in this format, and you also are shutting them off with Giratina.


Herr is the list: i still ude 2 team flare just because plume but if you have any inclutions i sho6ld rather ude then i will take this in to consideration :slight_smile:
Pokemon: 13
1 x taurus gx
1 x lugia ex
3 x Giratina ex
1 x salamence ex
1 x hoopa ex
2 x shaymin ex
2-2 garbodor
Trainers: 36
4 x sycamore
4 x trainers mail
3 x n
2 x lysandre
4 x vs seeker
4 x ultra ball
1 x super rod
4 x crushing hammer
2 x team flare grunt
1 x special charge
1 x delinquent
1 x enhanced hammer
3 x float stone
3 x fighting fury belt
Stadium: 2
2 x parallell
Energy: 8
4 x double colourless
4 x double dragon

Everything looks fine, but I think 3 Trainer’s Mail is enough.

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Thanks for the help :heart:

I’ll query whether the super rod is that useful? Another Lugia-EX would probably be more optimal.

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Why do you think this?

If you land in a MU where giratina and salamence aren’t effective, you only have 1 tauros and 1 lugia to work with.

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Yeah :confused: i will test both :slight_smile:

If we are talking about the op, heatmour is really nice, and ohkos vileplume for 1 fire and 2 colourless