Speed Reshiram - Fiery Torch, Blacksmith // NXD-on


Updated List:

4 Reshiram Ex
3-0-3 Delphox
1 Fliptini
1 Jirachi Ex

4 Blacksmith
4 Juniper
1 Lysandre

4 Bicycle
1 Dowsing Machine
4 Fiery Torch
1 Pal Pad
2 Professor’s Letter
4 Rare Candy
2 Level Balls
2 Super Rod
3 Switch
4 Ultra Ball
3 Muscle Band

9 Fire

This deck’s main strategy is to setup and continue setting up Reshiram to hit for 150 as fast as possible. The basic idea is to power up Reshiram with 3-4 fire energy by the second turn to start hitting while setting up Delphox for draw so that Blacksmith continue to be used as your supporter. There is a strong focus on milling through the deck with non supporters so that Blacksmith can be utilized when needed.


Why don’t you run Muscle Band? It scores OHKO’s.


12 fire energy is a little too much, i think you
-3 fire energy
+3 muscle band
by swapping these you can get OHKO’s on 170HP pokemon.
BTW i suppose you can also switch out roller skates for a few level balls


Thank you, I will try switching those fire energy for muscle band, and switching out roller skates for level balls. Hopefully this will maintain the speed I am looking for while giving Reshiram that extra damage to OHKO the 170 Ex’s out there.


If there is anymore troubles just reply :slight_smile:


Has nobody noticed the lack of draw? Yes there’s delphox, but aside from that, he only has four each of fiery torch, bicycle, and juniper. Not enough in my opinion. Fiery torch and bike do not replace things like N, colress, and shauna. I realize you need blacksmith so you can’t waste your supporter for draw instead of acceleration, but reshot an will be powered up eventually, and you need to keep your deck flowing. I’d suggest skyla to help set up rare candy and blacksmith plays, and definitely at least two n/colress/shauna


I would try to fit in DCE’s, they help Reshi EX power up faster. Also N is good.


In a speed deck, those are all that is needed, because after you set up, usually you’re fine. And Delphox is enough for the mid-to-late game, leaving Juniper to fill the small slot of set-up.
He’s fine.
And the list I used was more focused on professor’s letter and ultra ball, along with fiery torch, and included virbank and laser for extra damage.


oh wow I totally forgot about the DCE’s, nice catch.