"Son Shine State" – Top 4 Juniors Florida Regionals Report with Sableye/Garbodor


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Thanks again for giving love for the juniors.


My brother was the Latios Donker, in his 2 out of 3 loss, he got a game 1 auto loss because of an deck list error. He was excited that he was in an article, and more excited because he was in the IDing picture, but then we found out at the exact moment the picture was taken, he was turned around calling for judge.


Boden is a great player!

I had not heard the deck list error story - always difficult to get the play-by-play story out of my juniors.

@nfrank, we should be facebook friends or something. Shoot me a request.


A great article as always.

Keep up the good work


I might have played your son at worlds 2015