Some cards to include in every deck?


Okay, okay don’t take advice from me. This is more of a question of whether this might be a good practice in every deck no matter what it is. :hatching_chick:

*Pokemon EX-counter cards
There are a few Pokemon EX-counter cards that you may have seen before that work well against EX decks, whether it’s a ability or a move at certain moments these cards my just save your tush. These are the ones that I at least know:


I’m pretty sure there is more (please reply and tell which ones I’m missing), but If you include at least one in every deck (doesn’t matter what kind of deck) wouldn’t that be a great if you go against an all EX team (or mostly an all EX team)? The chances of you using them isn’t guaranteed, its more tech than anything. To me with the current meta it seems almost required! Just one of these bad boys can sometime save you from a scary siesmatoad/giratina combo.

Head Ringer

This is by far my favorite card! Why? Its just so nice, most people (like 99.99999999%) usually have one EX card, so wynaut make it so they can’t attach tools, AND make them need a extra energy?! It’s sooo good and it also stops them from spiritlinking! So now if they want to use that mega, they’ll need to waste 2 turns, one for that energy and another for that mega evolution! Really any deck can run these, I myself don’t know if its better to run 1 or 2, or 3 (maybe 4?) I usually run 2, but If you don’t run at least one, you’ve got to give me a good reason. :snake:

Need a stadium?

Two good options that work usually for most decks, are Silent Lab and Faded Town.
These do surprisingly well with the current meta (why?.. well because the current meta is literally just ability heavy and EX heavy decks)
Just a side note that I probably don’t have to add, is DON’T include a faded town if you use EX cards. and DON’T use a Silent Lab if your deck uses a lot of abilities.


I’m most posting here to inform, but more to ask and confirm.
Give me reasons why you don’t need head ringers or one EX-counter card, I would love a reason, I haven’t found one yet. Also tell me how many head ringers should I run? I’m not really sure, and it would be great to know! Will post again soon later! Lol I’m not going anywhere anytime soon :octopus:


Trying to reqd this makes my head hurt. Lay off the fancy designs, please.


I apologize, It’s just my writing style. And that’s not the criticism I was looking for either, can you keep relevance to what I’m talking about? If not please don’t comment.


Not trying to be harsh, but none of these cards are actually must-haves unlike Trainers like Sycamore and Lysandre mainly because if you dont encounter any EXs in your meta, they quickly become dead cards that dont contribute to your set-up or help your help game state

First of all, your post is heavily based on the idea that EX decks are heavily in the meta. But i can name you at least 4 meta decks (NM, Vespiquen, Entei, and Yveltal/Zoroark/Gallade) that do not rely on any EXs to attack at all. What then if you face these decks? Attach that head ringer to the Shaymin or throw it down?

Even for EXs deck, head ringers and other EXs counter cards are not always 100% reliable. Head ringers cannot be splashed into any deck and if i see any Manectric for example, you can be sure that i wont play any EXs unless i can attach a spirit link or other tool to it. I can then Hex Maniac Suicune or Beautifly(who btw needs at least their pre-evo line and multiple turns to get into play) and just run over their low HP. Or better still, get the non-EX secondary attacker to knock them out. Same goes for the Regis, who need multiple energies that can be hammered off and can be Lysandred off too.

Ultimately the best Ex counter is to knock them out. not only do you make them useless, you gain more cards and are one step closer to victory! Is that not more amazing?!?

Lastly, if you want to get people to pay attention to you, you need to have better formatting AND grammar in your post and drop that cheeky, know-it-all attitude. You might have a point but i’m have limited respect if you dont want to offer us any.


Thank you so much for replying, I apologize if I seemed to have a know-it-all attitude. I probably don’t have as much experience as you, and I did start out my post by saying not to take advice from me. As for grammar and formatting, I thought I did pretty well, please tell me what I should do differently. I did proof read my post 3 times, and edited it twice, so I was surprised when you said my grammar was off. If you could point out where my grammar went off that would be really great. As for the rest of your reply, thank you so much! You make a valid point with the head ringer, it would make a lot more sense to send down the mega once you have the spirit link, which does render the head ringer useless. For the most part, adding one Pokemon EX counter card probably won’t do much, but there’s been times in games where I’ve played or watched where one would be something to be grateful for. Anyways thanks so much for the reply, I sincerely apologize if my post seemed rude in any way, please tell me how I can fix this! :mushroom:


I don’t think I was the grammar so much as it was the giant letters that made it seem like you were screaming at everyone…

The random emojis didn’t help either.


Alright I’m glad that you are at least receptive to advice

Just from your first part

“this might me a good practice” = “this might be a good practice”

“It might be a good idea to always include one of the these in your deck? Yes that is a question XD”

this is quite frankly the one line that will piss people off. If you know it is a question, but you dont want to phrase it as such, then yea you do come off very negatively

“wouldn’t that be a good if you go against a all EX team” = “wouldn’t that be great if you go against an all EX team” which is frustrating cause you use the correct one the very next line

Lastly, you can’t say not to take advice from you, then sound like we should take advice from you.


Honestly this is probably the best post on this thread.

Look, all we’re trying to say @Mamacrow- make your writing presentable.


I always thought headings were meant to be big :confused:


Thank you, I will make those changes as soon as possible. And also how you said I sound like a know what I’m talking about, that is true I do tend to do that, but you can’t harp on that fact too much, since I do say to criticize me, and in the end all I really want to do is learn more. Thank you so much for all of your opinions! Joining six prizes is proving to have been a great choice now, I’m learning so much!


Thank you! I’m trying to make it more better. I’m really new, so I don’t know how everything works, and It’s only taken a day for me to rack up a lot of criticism. Which is fine and it is what I want, but I’m a little taken aback, I didn’t think it was THAT bad. Anyways I changed it a little, and didn’t make some of the words as large anymore!


Actually, I don’t have a problem with this. My phone sometimes turns two letter words like of and is into words like O and I for no reason. Small mistakes usually aren’t looked down upon.[quote=“Mamacrow, post:1, topic:7773”]
Two good options that work usually for most decks, are Silent Lab and Faded Town.
Not really. Faded town hasn’t seen much play at all. Mega decks aren’t common as much. And silent lab doesnt work in every deck. There are decks that silent lab do well in and decks that it doesnt. There are just so many other stadiums that work in specific decks (i.e. D-Valley in night march, virbank city gym in decks with lasers, skyfield in mega rayquaza)


Yah your right, looking back there is a lot of things incorrect with this post. I’m going to leave it here so I can come back and laugh at it.