"SMP" – Scizor ex, Metagross DX, Pidgeot RG // HL-on

Pokemon - 19

4 Beldum HL 54
2 Metang HL 44
3 Metagross DX
2 Scyther UF
2 Scizor ex
2 Pidgey RG
1 Pidgeotto RG
2 Pidgeot RG
1 Deoxy ex DX 98

Trainers - 27

4 Island Cave
4 Professor Elm’s Training Method
1 Celio’s Network
4 Rare Candy
4 TV Reporter
3 Great Ball
2 Copycat
2 Rocket’s Admin.
2 Strength Charm
1 Pokemon Retriever

Energy - 14

7 Psychic
4 Metal
1 Cyclone
1 Warp
1 Boost

Date: February 7, 2006

This was a very strong deck early in the season and that fell out of popular favor (or maybe I am thinking of DX-on?), but I believe Jay Hornung ended up getting 2nd place with it at US Nationals 2007. The strategy was to tank your Scizor ex with Metal Energy and Steel Wing almost every turn.

This is the list I played at Nationals in 2007 to get 2nd

Pokemon 23

Scyther x2
Scizor Ex x2
Beldum(DS) x3
Metang (DS) x2
Metagross (DX) x3
Nidoran x2
Nidarina x1
Nidoqueen x2
Holons Castform x4
Holons Magnamite x1
Latios* x1

Trainers 25

Holon Transciever x4
Holon Mentor x2
Holon Adventer x1
Holon Scientist x1
Holon Researcher x1
Copycat x3
Rare Candy x4
Stevens Advice x2
Professor Elm’s Training Method x3
Pokemon Reversal x2
Strength Charm x1
Plus Power x1

Energy 12

Metal x4
Psychic x8

I considered a lot of different things for the deck a 3rd Mentor, 3rd Reversal, Warp Point, 1-1 Steelix EX, or 1-0-1 Dusknoir were at the top of the list.