Smeargle BKT Toolbox Variants // XY-on 2016

This is a discussion thread for decks that utilize Smeargle BKT as a functional, vital component. It is by far the most interesting card from the BREAkthrough expansion because it makes multicolor decks more viable. It also allows for tailoring decks to your specific meta or the meta you expect. The general trend for these decks is to have 3 parts: an energy aceelerater, smeargle(s), and techs. My favorite variants in no particular order from testing include:
Xerneas/Aromatisse Smeargle Toolbox
Bronzong Smeargle Toolbox (although I am not sold on the Machamp/Bronzong/Smeargle variant just yet)
Yveltal Smeargle Toolbox
I have been testing the Xerneas variant the most so far. Each variant has its own merits though. The yveltal variant is really good against night march, but the Xerneas variant is very good against Giratina. I would also like to say that I do think that these decks are competitive, especially with our current card pool. For example, in my testing a 3 Battle Compressor and 2 Brigette line is amazing for setup, effectively getting most of your engine out T1 and discarding energy for Smeargle’s Recoat.

Smeargle can be discussed as a supporting Pokemon in existing threads for relevant decks.