Smashandslash's last year in Seniors! 2015-2016 Season! 880/250

Worlds 2015: 40
LC’s: 15-15-15-15-15-15
Cities: 50-50-50-50
States/Regionals: 75-75-45-150
Nationals 2016: x
Worlds 2016: x

Hi, I’m from Oregon and in my last year in Seniors. I’m shooting for a Day 2 Invite this year if possible, but we’ll see what this season holds in store for me. I love this game so much, and don’t ever want to stop. I got a Day 1 invite to Worlds last year, so to kick off this post, here’s my Worlds Report! Do I make Day 2 or not? Read on to find out!

Worlds: Day 1 w/ Seismitoad/Manectric/Bats
I honestly was going to play Mega Manectric/Empoleon/Garbodor, until I went to the testing rooms, and got torn up by Groudon (which I had sworn not to play) and Toad/Manectric/Bats (TMB). Jesper Eriksen was nice enough to share his list with me, but overall I decided not to play it for a couple of reasons: 1, he ran Computer Search over Rock Guard, and I liked Rock Guard; a LOT. I actually can’t remember the other reasons, but he shared my need for 4 Super Scoop Ups and stuff like that.

R1 vs ??? w/ Primal Groudon EX/Hawlucha/Landorus EX: WW
Not too hard of a matchup. In both games I was killing his attackers before he could have a spare turn to attach to the Groudon, and eventually I got rid of his other benched stuff so he had no choice but to send up the Groudon, and after softening it up a couple times with Quaking Punch, I would swoop in with Assault Laser for the KO.

R2 vs Sara C. (IT) w/ M Manectric EX/Seismitoad EX/Mewtwo EX/Zapdos LTR: LWT
Game 1 I dead drew. Games 2 and 3 my deck ran like it was supposed to, but time was called a few minutes into game 3 and I couldn’t finish her off in time. Kind of salty that I was cheated out of a win, but next!

R3 vs ??? w/ Metal Ray: WW
I honestly don’t remember how I won game 1, but late into game 2, I notice that all 3 of my Virbank are in the discard, so his sky field is locked into play. I bench a bunch of stuff like Zubats and Shaymin EX’s so I don’t draw them later, and unbelievably, next turn he plays Colress, draws his whole deck, and scoops.

R4 vs ??? (GB) w/ Mega Manectric/Virizion EX/Genesect EX: WW
She wins the flip; I draw the worst hand I’ve ever seen with TMB: Toad, AZ, DCE, Shaymin, and a bunch of other unburnable stuff. To make matters worse, she mulligans, and I see Mega Manectric, G-Booster, and Grass Energy among her 7 card mulligan. She mulligans 3 times, I draw all 3, and yay! More unburnable stuff! But then, my moping is shattered; SHE N’S ME TURN 1! I almost scream out loud, I’m so relieved! And then, I get the perfect turn 1, with a Zubat or two, a DCE and Muscle Band on Toad, Laserbank, and Ultra Ball for Shaymin for 6, and get stuff. After a little while, it’s on to game 2!
Game 2 she gets the turn 2 Emerald Slash onto Genesect that has a G-Booster on it. But this is where my decision to not jump on the Computer Search train like Jesper and Jon Eng did pays off; I drop Rock Guard on a Manectric EX that is primed for Assault Laser, Lysandre up the Genesect with G-Booster, and Assault Laser it for 120. Next turn, she G-Boosters me, and Rock Guard KO’s her Genesect. From then on, I just kill her stuff while she whiffs energy.
3-0-1 YAY I’M IN DAY 2!

However, on day 2 I make a really, really stupid meta call and play Toad/Crawdaunt. I’m not going to bother with a full tourney report, so here:

R1 vs Emil R. w/ Toad/Manectric/Bats: LWW
R2 vs Calvin C. w/ Klinklang: WLL
R3 vs ??? w/ Groudon: WW
R4 vs ??? w/ Metal Ray: LL
R5 vs ??? w/ Night March: WW
R6 vs ??? w/ Mega Manectric/Virizion EX/Genesect EX: (either WLL, or LWL, I don’t remember which)
R7 vs ??? w/ Toad/Manectric/Bats: LWW
R8 vs Xander P. w/ Groudon: WLL

Final Standing: 55th, +40 CP


Epic Gaming, Milwaukie, Oregon w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade (EXPANDED FORMAT)

R1 vs Shawn w/ Aromatisse/Mega Gardevoir EX/Mega Diancie EX: W
R2 vs Somes S. w/ this weird, VERY clunky Mega Sceptile EX/Ariados/Vileplume: W
R3 vs Wyatt C. w/ Toad/Giratina: W
R4 vs Jack W. w/ Vespiquen/Flareon: ID

3-0-1, 1st seed going into cut.

Top 4 vs Round 1 opponent: WW
Finals VS Wyatt C. w/ Toad/Giratina: LWW

1st place, +50 CP.

Dice Age Games, Vancouver, Washington w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade (EXPANDED FORMAT)

R1 vs Duncan S. w/ Yveltal/Darkrai/Zoroark BKT/Zoroark BREAK: W
R2 vs Jack W. w/ Donphan: W (he ran a tech Meloetta BKT, but still wasn’t enough)
R3 vs Wyatt C. w/ Toad/Giratina: W
R4 vs Jasper P. (@MewtwoEX) w/ Toad/Manectric/Bats: W (when I got to the table, he said he didn’t want to ID)

4-0-0, 1st seed going into cut.

Top 4 vs Kaden B. w/ Mega Mewtwo EX Y/Aromatisse: WLW
Finals vs Jasper P. (@MewtwoEX) w/ Toad Manectric Bats: LWW

1st place, +50 CP.

West Linn, Oregon w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade (EXPANDED FORMAT)

R1 vs Somes S. w/ Sceptile EX/Mega Sceptile EX/Vileplume/Ariados/Bellosom (it was really clunky): L (I dead drew and got benched)
R2 vs ??? w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Lasers: W
R3 vs Raul V. w/ Tyrantrum: L (got donked)
R4 vs Skyles w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade/Muscle Band: L
R5 vs Daden J. w/ random stuff: W

I don’t remember what I placed, but I was SUPER salty about this. Literally, dead draws are the only thing to blame. +0 CP

Guardian Games, Portland, Oregon w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade (EXPANDED FORMAT)

R1 vs Joe H. (@PhinnAndJoe) w/ Night March: L
R2 vs Dallas D. w/ TDK/Skyfield/Hoopa EX: W
R3 vs ??? w/ Accelgor DEX/Octillery BKT/Mew EX LTR/Sigilyph LTR/Forest of Giant Plants: W
R4 vs Duncan S. w/ Yveltal/Darkrai (/Zoroark?)/Lasers: W

3-1, 4th seed going into cut.

Top 4 vs Joe H. (@PhinnAndJoe) w/ Night March: LL

4th place, +30 CP

Salem, Oregon w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade (EXPANDED FORMAT)

R1 vs ??? w/ Mega Manectric/Regice/Keldeo EX: W
R2 vs ??? w/ Gengar BKT: W (donked his lone Sigilyph)
R3 vs Kaden B. w/ Mega Manectric EX/Mewtwo EX NXD/Bats: W
R4 vs Wyatt C. w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade/Muscle Band: ID

3-0-1, 1st seed going into cut.

Top 4 vs Kaden B. w/ Mega Manectric EX/Mewtwo EX NXD/Bats: WW
Finals vs Wyatt C. w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade/Muscle Band: WW (3 times in game 2, I Ghetsis’d his entire hand away. The first time, he top-decked a Juniper, the second time it was a Keldeo, and the third time, he was top-decking bad stuff, and then out of the blue, top-decks Jirachi EX, uses Stellar Guidence…for a failed search. GG)

1st place, +50 CP

Gresham, Oregon w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade (EXPANDED FORMAT)
3 rounds, no top cut.

R1 vs Wyatt C. w/ Vespiquen/Flareon PLF: W (I prized my Maxie’s when I would have gotten the turn 1 Archeops going first, but I still won. A turn 1 Hex Maniac instead worked equal wonders.)
R2 vs Adriana B. (my sister!) w/ Yveltal/Darkrai (sort of Frank Diaz’s regionals list, but with a couple tweaks. It ran a Hoopa, though.): W
R3 vs Kaden B. w/ Night March: ID

2-0-1, 1st place after swiss, +20 CP (since my finish limit so far was 3 wins and a Top 4, I just got 20 points out of this)

Lake Oswego, Oregon w/ Mega Manectric/Pyroar PHF (I was maxed out at this point, so I just splurged and played something fun) (EXPANDED FORMAT)
3 rounds, no top cut.

R1 vs Eli C. w/ clunky RayBoar/Camerupt EX: W
R2 vs Joe H. (@PhinnAndJoe) w/ Night March/Archeops: L
R3 vs Jasper P. (@MewtwoEX) w/ Yveltal/Darkrai: W

2-1, 5th place (UGH!)

Happy Valley, Oregon (12-19) w/ Sableye/Garbodor (EXPANDED FORMAT)
4 rounds, Top 4 Cut.

R1 vs Daden J. w/ random mash of cards: W
I hit a bunch of heads on Crushing Hammers, and he never got anything going for long. I actually took 2 prizes during this game due to lasers, KOing his Shatter Shot Mewtwo EX. But I decked him out fairly easily.

R2 vs Skyles w/ Thundurus EX PLF/Deoxys EX PLF/Lugia EX PLS/Hoopa EX/Absol PLF/Skyfield: W
What was Plasma doing at this tournament? Out of like 7 Crushing Hammer flips, I believe 1 or 2 were heads. To make matters worse, I prized my Team Aqua’s Secret Base AND my 1 Enhanced Hammer. However, I managed to pull through and deck him before time was called.

R3 vs Joe H. (@PhinnAndJoe) w/ “baby” Yveltal XY/Leafeon PLF/Darkrai EX/Bats: W
Going into this round I was real scared, because if I couldn’t get Garbodor going, his bats would ravage me and I would lose fairly quickly. He ran Laserbank, which made it even worse. But he dead drew in the first few turns, and it came down to me Lysandre’ing his Shaymin EX, (he had no more energies left in his hand or deck, only in play or in his discard), and Burrowing his last VS Seeker he need for the AZ to scoop up Shaymin. He scooped once he saw what I had discarded. Thanks Joe, that was a really close game.

R4 vs Raul V. w/ Donphan: L
I beat him fairly quickly, but once I saw who were in Top Cut, I scooped to him since he needed the points very badly. Raul is a very nice player, and he deserved to be in cut.

Here were the standings after swiss:

1st Seed: Raul V. w/ Donphan
2nd Seed: Alex B. (@smashandslash) w/ Sableye/Garbodor
3rd Seed: Wyatt C. w/ Vespiquen/Flareon
4th Seed: Dallas D. w/ Thundurus EX PLF/Deoxys EX PLF/Lugia EX PLS/Hoopa EX/Absol PLF/Skyfield

Top 4 vs Wyatt C. w/ Vespiquen/Flareon: WW
Truth be told, Wyatt never stood a chance. Game 1 I discarded all his DCE’s, and decked him fairly quickly. The next game he opened a hand that had like an Eevee, 2 Unowns, a Juniper, 2 DCE’s, and 2 VS Seekers. He had to attach the DCE to the Eevee, and Juniper the other stuff. I had a bit of a scare this game since I was forced to use both my Shaymins to keep from dead drawing, and Wyatt killed one of them, but I managed to Sky Return the other, and decked him out. GG, Wyatt is a really nice player. Hopefully he does better in future tournaments.

Finals vs…Raul V. w/ Donphan! (Whew, he 2-1’ed Plasma in Top 4!): LWW (the game went to sudden death)
Game 1 I prized my Super Rod, and he took 4 prizes really easily. I scooped for time, and game 2 decked him. (On a side note, after game 2, the judges had us relocate to a booth outside because Round Table Pizza needed the room for something else. So, the judges paused the clock, and allowed me and Raul to move our stuff to the booth, and after we got comfortable, THEN they restarted the clock and me and Raul moved on to game 3)
In game 3, time was called on turn 2 or 3, and then we moved onto sudden death; except we didn’t shuffle up for a new game; it was whoever took the next prize won. Raul whiffed a supporter a bunch, and I was using Trick Shovel to set up his top decks to be stuff like Robo Subs, Focus Sashes, and other useless stuff. Then, I discarded an N with Trick Shovel, and he top decks VS Seeker, uses it for N, and plays the N. Then, he still whiffs energy, and that’s when I remember lasers. I laser his active Hawlucha, and Raul only has the Hawlucha and a Donphan in play. Raul retreats the Hawlucha into the Donphan and passes. I Junk Hunt for a couple more turns until there’s nothing in my discard pile worth retrieving, and so I switch gears and start using Confuse Ray in tandem with Laser. I eventually flip a Heads on Confuse Ray, and a turn or two later when, when Raul’s Donphan has 70 damage on it, he attaches a Fighting Energy to it, flips for Spinning Turn…and it’s a tails. That, after the 10 damage with poison, puts Raul’s Donphan at 110 damage. My turn I draw, and Confuse Ray, and poison finishes the Donphan off, and so I beat a Donphan deck in sudden death.

1st place, +0 CP

Corvallis, OR (1-17) w/ Sableye/Garbodor (EXPANDED FORMAT)

21 Seniors, 5 rounds, Top 8 cut (wow, right?)

R1 vs I don’t remember w/ Night March: W
I lucked out this round; he took 4 prizes quick as you please, but I managed to pull ahead, and it turns out his last 2 DCE’s were his last 2 prizes. GG.

R2 vs Adriana B. w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade: W
I knew the exact counts of her list (since it was mine that I let her use for the day), and she also prized some crucial cards.

R3 vs Dallas D. w/ Vespiquen/Flareon: W
Vespiquen is an auto-win, so no surprise here.

R4 vs Jasper P. (@MewtwoEX) w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade: ID

R5 vs Joe H. (@PhinnAndJoe) w/ Vespiquen/Flareon: ID
I didn’t want to beat him, since he just needed to make Top 4 here so that he could finish his invite on LC’s, but I also didn’t want to have to play him in Top 8. So we ID’ed, sorted our decks, and waited for standings to go up.

Final standings after swiss:

  1. Jasper P. (@MewtwoEX) w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade
  2. Alex B. (@smashandslash) w/ Sableye/Garbodor
  3. Sheayn Millay (@ShealynMillay) w/ Mega Mewtwo EX Y/Bats
  4. Joe H. (@PhinnAndJoe) w/ Vespiquen/Flareon
  5. Adriana B. w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade
  6. Shawn K. w/ Manectric EX/Bats
  7. Kaden B. w/ Seismitoad/Giratina/Latios EX ROS/Red Card
  8. Jordin Wood w/ Mega Manectric EX/Mewtwo EX NXD

Top 8. vs Kaden B. w/ Seismitoad/Giratina/Latios EX ROS/Red Card: WW
Joe had beaten Kaden in swiss, and found out that Kaden ran no Head Ringers, opting for 2 Red Card instead. I also already knew that Kaden ran 4 Double Dragon Energy, and a Latios EX for donks. But he dead drew both games, and I took advantage of that.

Top 4. vs Shawn K. w/ Manectric EX/Bats: LWL
I was super angry; game 1 I win the flip, start lone Shaymin EX, Professor Juniper into no other basics, and she gets LaserBank/Muscle Band/Energy for the donk. Game 2 my deck runs like it’s supposed to, and I win. Game 3 goes to time, and since she took 4 prizes compared to my 2 (I used Laser, combined with her Virbanks), and she gets the win by default. I was really salty, because not only did she play super slow, but the only reason she won was because she got really lucky. However, nothing I could do about it. Shout out to Shawn if you ever read this; sorry for being so salty after the game, and congrats for getting second.

Top 4, +0 CP. This was my last cities, so it’s on to SoCal Regionals this February! Hope to see you all there!


Anaheim, CA (see below)
Clackamas, OR (also see below)



Hope you guys liked it!


Really good read Alex! Good luck on the rest of your season!

Just saying we all easily know you made day 2 but didn’t get top 32 because you got 40 points from worlds.

Go Alex! Good luck on that T16!


Thanks, I’ll need it.

I know, but it’s the thought that counts.

Looks like your someone I should watch out for! I’m from oregon as well and hope to see you at Springfield/Eugene and Ashland/Medford.

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I’m not going to Eugene or Springfield, or Ashland or Metford actaully. Really sorry, wish I could meet you. There’s always Oregon Regionals though. I will be going to Corvallis Cities though, so hope to see you there instead.

Np, looks like I have a better chance of winning tho :stuck_out_tongue:hope to se you at regionals!

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Updated with Corvalis cities!

Lol it was odd how Shawn did so well after going 1-3 at 2 cities, I was super surprised she beat me and you, but congratulations on top 4!

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Updated with 2 regionals!

Anaheim, CA Regionals
Deck: Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade/Lasers
R1 vs Alexander G. w/ Vespiquen/Flareon/Gallade: WLW
R2 vs (don’t remember) w/ FlareBees: WLW
R3 vs Alex M. w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade/Lasers: WW
R4 vs Ethan C. w/ Vespiquen/Vileplume: LWL
R5 vs Ryan P. w/ Seismitoad/Giratina: LL
R6 vs (don’t remember) w/ Archie’s Blastoise: WW
R7 vs Ryan C. (not Ryan Chu) w/ Sableye/Garbodor: WW

5-2-0, 8th seed going into cut.

Top 8 vs Ethan C. w/ Vespiquen/Vileplume: LWL

Top 8, +75 CP
Total CP: 365

Clackamas, OR Regionals:
Deck: Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade/Lasers (same 60 cards as Anaheim)
R1 vs (don’t remember) w/ Vespiquen/Flareon: WLW
R2 vs @MewtwoEX w/ Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade: LWT
R3 vs @jirachi123 w/ Raikou/Eels/Toad/Assault Vest: WLW
R4 vs Everret R. F. w/ Regice/Miltank/Vileplume: WLW
R5 vs Dorian S. w/ Toad/Genesect: WLW
R6 vs Jackson F. w/ Yveltal/Darkrai (no Maxie’s): WLL (I misplayed during game 3; I used Premonition and put the wrong card on top of my deck; it was a Dark Energy, but I should have set up a VS Seeker as my top deck)
R7 vs Ryan Chu w/ Primal Groudon/Wobbuffet/Tropical Beach: WW

5-1-1, 5th seed going into cut:

Top 8 vs @JoshF w/ Raikou/Eels/Assault Vest: "W"LL (before top cut, he got a game loss due to a deck list error; he had 61 cards in his list, but 60 cards in his deck. But it didn’t matter since I got “2-0ed” anyway.

Top 8, +75 CP
Total CP: 440

For some reason they haven’t updated the leader boards with this yet, but they’ve updated @MewtwoEX’s points from Oregon Regionals.

Only master points have been updated.

No, @MewtwoEX’s points have gotten updated; prior to Oregon Regionals he had 295, and now he’s at 310. He made top 4, which I believe gets him 105 CP.

He won a league challenge, my points aren’t updated either.

Oh wait that’s right, the math doesn’t add up. Never mind, he’ll be at 400 when the leader boards are updated.

EDIT: The leader boards have been updated.

Well her dad tried to copy Paul’s Manectric/Bats list (he ended up being about 2-3 cards off) and Shawn played that. Then against Jordin, she didn’t shuffle enough, and she ended up getting slaughtered both games.

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Just out of curiosity, why didn’t you ID your last two rounds at day 1 of worlds when you were at 2-0-1? Didn’t 2-0-3 make it to day 2?

Well yeah and I tried to explain that to my round 4 opponent but she didn’t want to for whatever reason.

Oregon States Update: Super, super salty, but nothing I can do about it now.

Deck: Trev BREAK

R1 vs Timberlan w/ 30 energies and 30 pokemon. #easymoney: WW
No explaination here. He barely had any idea what he was doing, and I steamrolled him both games.

R2 vs @ShealynMillay w/ Yveltal/Stuffs: WW
He ran a Regirock, a Sudowudo, a Bursting Balloon or two, and a 1-1 split of Muscle Band and Fighting Fury Belt. But it didn’t matter. I think he won the coin flip, and got some tools down. I retaliated with a Startling Megaphone. We both dead drew during game 1, but I eventually top-decked a Birch and got rolling with some Trevenants.

Game 2 was slightly similar to game 1, although none of us dead drew. But I beat him just the same.

R3 vs @jirachi123 w/ Night March: LWL
I won the opening coin flip, but whiffed the Wally turn 1. I went down to 2 prizes to his 1, and he ended up getting a Joltik, AZ and a DCE to win and take his last prize.

Game 2 I got the turn 1 Wally, although he still almost won.

Game 3 I opened Wobbuffet, Shaymin, a bunch of Energies and non-draw supporters. He misplays and thins his hand down to only 1 which is a Shaymin, but I make a bonehead mistake and bench a Shaymin out of fear of getting benched, which he immediately Lysandres, and free of ability lock, takes me to church.

R4 vs (don’t remember his name) w/ Night March: LL
Super, super salty! I win the flip again, and whiff turn 1 Wally yet again! Game 2 I start lone Phantump, and no supporters or other basics, and get benched faster than you can say “spicy burrito”.

Super, SUPER salty at this point.

R5 vs Julian w/ Toad/Garb/Aegislash EX: WW
It was a bit scary, those Aegislash’s were, but I won just the same.

R6 vs Jack W. w/ Trev BREAK: LL
…I hate my life. I lose the flip, he opens a garbage hand, and then he TOP DECKS A WALLY! He steamrolls me both games (I end up decking myself game 2 when I would have won if I had had a couple more cards in my deck).

3-3, 17th place: SEVENTEENTH PLACE! I stormed off in a rage, but calmed down when I played in the LC. I went 3-0, which lifted my spirits. I also regretted being so salty, so I’m sorry to anybody who experienced that.

Kaden for winning a states (his first time making cut at an event larger than a cities since Washington states two years ago when he made top 8 as a Junior)

@jirachi123 for getting second.

The judges had set up a Pokken tounament console, and I can tell you that it’s awesome.